Consumer Goods Ship Packages By Sending Them Along With Travelers

Peercel allows travelers to take a package for someone living in the city and delivery it to them, making a little money on a trip they already wanted to go on

Design PSFK 2017: Re-Thinking Addresses To Improve Mail And Health Services Worldwide

Clare Jones introduced PSFK 2017 to what3words, the global addressing system that is changing and saving lives around the world

Delivery & Logistics PurpleList Podcast Episode 9: Rethinking Addresses To Make Travel Easier And Safer

At PSFK 2017, what3words COO Clare Jones took to the stage to tell us how what3words is shaking up a century-old institution

Retail The USPS Will Now Send You Pictures Of Your Mail Before Delivering It

The service, called Informed Delivery, emails pictures of that day's mail, eliminating the need to constantly check the mailbox

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel New Address System In Mongolia Replaces Numbers With Words

A startup has created a three-word system to uniquely identify every point on the planet for postal service and navigation

Home Delivery Service Aims to End Missed Packages After Hours

$5 guaranteed evening delivery for New Yorkers or it's free

Gaming & Play UK's Royal Mail Gets Into 3D Printing

British national postal service joins iMakr to bring 3D printing services to local stores

Luxury Free Mailbox Stickers Signify Goods Residents Are Willing to Lend Neighbors

Sharing economy goes analog in Germany and Switzerland

Innovation Mobile App Mails Physical Letters

The Mr Postman app helps younger generations bridge the communication gap with parents and grandparents.

Design Produce-Themed Envelopes Peel Open Like The Fruit They Portray [Pics]

Lettersets that are organic in their own special way.

Advertising Street Installation Prints Ready-To-Send Junk Mail From The Future [Video]

A rarely welcomed type of mail finds itself at the core of a new exhibition focusing on the future of business.

Work Chocolate Stamps Make Mail Smell And Taste Better

Belgian post office will roll out new line of tasty postage next month.

Technology Use Twitter Handle As A Physical Mailing Address

Given increased rates of geographic mobility, a startup wants to create mobile postal addresses based on digital IDs.

Advertising Spam Wallpaper: Transforming Waste Communications

An Italian design studio finds use for thousands of spam mail.