Analysis How Stores Like Levi's Times Square Engage Customers With Co-Creation Studios

These three leading retailers are raising the bar in experiential retail by offering shoppers a selection of create-your-own products and services

Video How To Design Technology That Degrades Gracefully

Technology should be designed to bring things into focus and make us calm, anthropologist Amber Case argues

Advertising 'Emotyping' Sensor Reads Consumer Emotions

MIT startup mPath developed technology to track consumer feelings and attention, which can be hard to quantify by other means

Design This Device Is Trying To Revolutionize 3D Printing

We're on site at Design Miami, where we checked out Rapid Liquid Printing, which overcomes some of the practicality hurdles plaguing 3D printing

Health Smart Bandage Will Apply Wound Medication For You

Researchers have developed the smart bandage to automatically analyze and administer care to a wound

Retail Fleets Of Drones Could Soon Track Warehouse Inventory

MIT researchers created a system of drones to fly around a warehouse and use RFID to catalogue its inventory for workers

Food & Beverage MIT's Bot Can Tell What Ingredients Are In Your Food Just By Looking At It

Pic2Recipe can analyze a photo to tell cooks not only the components but a suggestion of how to make it

Technology An MIT Scientist Invented A Sticker That Can Detect Sexual Assault

The sticker called Intrepid is placed on any piece of clothing and can recognize patterns of how the wearer takes off his or her clothes

Fashion & Apparel This Wearable Device Is Meant To Reveal Consumers' True Emotions

Market research may have gotten a lot easier with the Moxo Sensor

Design Future Fabrics Make Social Media Tactile And Translate Light Into Audio

PSFK attended the opening of AFFOA’s first Fabric Discovery Center, where advanced technology is being woven into textiles

Children A Dance Party Lamp Empowers Girls To Like Science and Mathematics

Through arts and crafts, Brainy Yak Labs hopes to get children engaged in STEM early

Home Robotic Furniture From MIT Is Making Its Way To Small Homes

The $10,000 setup is designed for compact spaces and includes robotic furnishings that change based on the owner's immediate needs

Fashion & Apparel Wearable Acts As A Constant Guide For The Visually Impaired

MIT researchers have designed a prototype of a device to assist the visually impaired with navigating an area without using a cane

Innovation Shape-Shifting Noodles Transform From 2D To 3D In Water

Researchers at MIT developed edible films that blossom into different pasta shapes when cooked in water