Advertising Moldy Advertisement Comments On Dated Knowledge

Millions of mold spores were spread over marketing book and then locked in a display case by BBDO Ukraine to advertise a conference

Design Desktop Molding Device Lets Makers Mass Produce Objects From Home

The Mayku offers an easy way to design customized molds at home and use them to cast unique three dimensional designs

Food & Beverage Desserts Molded Into Complex 3D Geometric Designs

Dinara Kasko used her experience in architecture and 3D printing to make her own unique baking molds that truly stand out

Home Houseplants Redesigned Into Everyday Objects

The products from designer Beth Esponnette are meant to bring more natural materials into the home

Design Measure Life's Fluid Moments with a Pitcher That Responds Accordingly

The Life Measured pitcher is an elegant and simple vessel with movable rubber rings to help you set measurements for watering your plants or making cocktails

Innovation UV Light Fridges Prevent Food From Rotting

New design concept was able to keep strawberries fresh and intact for nine days.

Advertising Fruit Bowl Detects Mold Before It Grows

Clever device will ensure gone-off fruit is a thing of the past.

Home Bread Remains Fresh For 60 Days

A giant microwave machine is able to zap away spores that cause mold.

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Innovation Momofuku Restaurant Plans To Introduce Mold & Bacteria To Its Menu

David Chang's popular string of restos collaborates with a Harvard microbiologist to discover unique microbe ingredients.

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Advertising Film Promoted With A Bacteria-Infested Billboard [Video]

Warner Bros. uses a billboard made with live mold to promote its latest thriller film, Contagion.

Advertising A Coffee Plant For Every Cup You Drink

Kit Café includes a biodegradable coffee cup, saucer spoon and bean that you can plant with every set.