Technology Pioneer Of Humanability: Ariel Waldman

In an interview with PSFK, working in collaboration with Verizon, Ariel Waldman discusses how she is using technology for good in her work with NASA as an advisor to the Innovative Advanced Concepts program, focusing on fostering interdisciplinary connections

Podcast: How NASA Invents The Future

In this interview, NASA advisor Ariel Waldman explains how she pioneers the future of space travel by concentrating on the latest discoveries and explorations here on Earth, uniting concepts from different disciplines to fuel innovative ideas and projects

Advertising New American Girl Doll Aspires To Be The First Person On Mars

Luciana Vega, the newest American Girl doll, looks to defy gender stereotypes with her ambition to join NASA and be the first person to land on Mars

Automotive Uber Partners With NASA To Battle Traffic With Flying Car Concept

Uber Elevate is teaming up with NASA to further develop the on-demand air service

Design Nvidia Has Built Their Own Functioning Holodeck

The space will allow them to view a photorealistic version of their ideas to facilitate a more efficient development process.

Health How Satellites Are Being Used To Stop Malaria

With unpredictable weather comes destruction and a host of diseases

Entertainment A New TV Project Hopes To Give Viewers A Portal Into Outer Space

Sen wants to become the first television network to focus exclusively on gathering and providing viewers with information about space

Gaming & Play Try To Survive On Mars With This NASA-Approved VR Game

Creators of the game used scientific data for its world-building

Fashion & Apparel Nike And Tom Sachs Designed A Tote Bag Inspired By Space Travel

This lightweight tote incorporates materials that can withstand the rigorous requirements of space travel

Design Miniature Hand-Held Moon Works With Augmented Reality

A 3D-printed model of the moon reveals more than meets the eye

Home IKEA Sends Designers To A Mars Simulation To Inspire Compact Furniture

Designers from the Swedish furniture company will be working in a space that simulates the astronaut experience

Luxury Coach Is Blasting Off With A NASA-Themed Fashion Line

The brand launched a new line of bags, accessories and clothing inspired by space exploration

Design Wall Plant Array Purifies The Air Indoors

A smart wall of plants called Naava could have the ability to constantly provide fresh air

Advertising Lego Fan-Designed Set Celebrates The Women Of NASA

Science editor and writer Maria Weinstock submitted a LEGO idea to celebrate five of these women