Retail Say Hello To The First Augmented Reality Messaging Platform

Neon allows users to interact with their friends through augmented reality messages

Design Harp String DJ Booth Is Its Own Playable Instrument [Video]

Design studio NEON's installation allowed the audience to collaborate with the performer.

Advertising Tracey Emin's Neon Messages Appear In Times Square For Valentine's

The British artist's work will be shared with New Yorkers on large digital displays throughout the month.

Technology Standing Cinema Lets Passersby Duck In To See A Movie Anytime [Pics]

An unconventional way to watch a movie in public with others.

Video Animated Music Video Celebrates The Seedier Side Of Neon

Animator's presents a surreal dream of animal headed show girls, riding skeletons and flying fish.

Design Neon Fever Spreads To Silkworms

Changing a silkworms diet can produce radical fabrics which extend the scope of what the natural world can produce.

Work Rob & Nick Carter's Glowing Rings Of Neon

Artists make pulsating circles of color with neon.

Work (Pics) Textile Light Installation By Astrid Krogh

Copenhagen based textile designer, Astrid Krogh, has presented an eye-popping light installation called 'Incentive' in Denmark.