Advertising Digital Time Capsule Engages Philanthropic Festival-Goers One Year Later

PSFK explored Tito's pop-up at Governors Ball to see how the brand is bringing fans into its social impact mission through video-recorded commitments

Design Fundraiser Auctions Off Fancy 'Barkitecture' Dog Kennels

A public exhibition features canine creations from the likes of Zaha Hadid Designs and SPARK Architects, and proceeds from their auction will go to Blue Cross for Pets

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket Crowdfunding Participants Control Trash Bots To Clean Up City Rivers

Urban Rivers gamified its Kickstarter campaign for a remote-controlled robot that picks up trash in the Chicago River

Children Campaign Removed Boy From Sugar Packaging To Help Missing Children

Belgian non-profit Child Focus used a household brand to deliver a call-to-action for its advocacy work

Advertising AR Experience Lets People See War Through The Eyes Of A Child

The International Committee of the Red Cross developed an augmented reality app to raise awareness of what it’s like to grow up in a war-torn country

Retail Pop-Up Shop Sends A Message About Unhealthy Relationships

The One Love Foundation set up a pop-up shop with Valentine's gifts that showed what unhealthy love can look like

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services This App Uses Your Spare Change To Help Bail People Out Of Jail

Appolition rounds up your purchases and gives the remainder to help people who can't afford bail

Advertising How Brands Can Use Digital Tools For Audience Engagement

A PSFK research paper takes a look at brands and organizations using digital tools, like VR and AR, to boost customer engagement

Innovation How To Maximize Non-Profit Engagement

Our latest PSFK research paper,  Maximizing Non-Profit Engagement, explores how brands are increasing engagement amongst their community and audiences through digital tools

Health Solar-Powered MP3 Player Educates Women At Risk

Uridu is a non-profit using a small, durable audio device to answer questions about health, work and violence against women

Children PSFK 2017 Conference Interview: How Trends Can Be Harnessed Towards Social Good

We interviewed Just Enough UK CEO and founder Phil Knight, who'll be taking the stage at PSFK 2017, about his educational charity that engages children about modern day slavery and radicalization.

Food & Beverage Delhi Residents Can Now Order Farm Produce Using WhatsApp is meant to eliminate the middle-man and increase farmers' profits, while giving shoppers fresh produce delivered to their door

Entertainment Pixar Is Working With A Non-Profit Academy To Teach Storytelling

The animation studio has teamed up with Khan Academy to create free online classes for people of all ages

Technology Google And Autism Speaks Team Up To Create Genomic Database On Autism

Mssng is a collaboration to create the world's largest database of genomic information on people with autism spectrum disorder.