Millennials Non-Profit Will Install 1,000 Journalists In Understaffed Newsrooms To Regain Consumer Trust

The initiative seeks to save local news and build trust in media, especially in underserved communities around the U.S.

Advertising Charity Platform Lets Kids Donate To Other Kids

Daymaker may be a way for parents to teach their children the important lesson of giving

Children Meet Sam, The First Toy That Explains Transgender Identity To Kids

Sam helps kids learn about gender through play

Food & Beverage Doctors Can Now Write Prescriptions For Produce

Wholesome Wave is trying to get people access to healthy food instead of just medication

Health Tiny Wearables Are Now Able Track Your Pet's Health

Proof is a startup developing tech for animals that can measure activity, rest, food intake and more

Registering To Vote Is Now Just A Text Away

A new bot aims to mobilize underrepresented groups this election season through SMS and Facebook Messenger

Automotive Route Optimization Algorithm Looks To Honey Bees For Inspiration

A startup is using advanced biomimicry to find optimal delivery routes and shrink logistics costs

Venmo Involuntarily Turned Into A Charity App

The nonprofit Water is Life "hacked" the payment platform and turned it into a source for donations

Food & Beverage Australian Cafes Replace Coffee Cups to Highlight Refugee Crisis

The #coffeewithlayla campaign aims to spread knowledge about the challenges confronted by refugees and asylum seekers

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Give To Charity With Every Swipe Of Your Credit Card

A new offering lets people donate cash-back bonuses directly to the nonprofit of their choice with every use

Technology Nonprofit Donates Phones to Wi-Fi-Dependent Refugees

Organization supplies prepaid cash cards and phones to those most in need

Advertising Pornhub Turns to Whales for Next Philanthropic Act

An adult entertainment site is donating its video views for cetacean conservation efforts

Design How Pens and Ergonomic Furniture Are Changing the Face of Indigenous Business

Creating opportunities that could make a wider difference for communities

Luxury Your Next Adventure Can Help Impoverished Communities

A startup is rethinking how tourism must work to benefit communities