Health How Brands Like FitBit Are Employing Technology And DTC Services In Pet Health

Pet healthcare brands and providers are engaging a new wave of millennial owners with tech-driven wellness and direct-to-consumer veterinary services

Delivery & Logistics How Retailers Like Petco Court Millennials With Wellness-Oriented & DTC Pet Food

From PSFK's Engaging Millennial Pet Owners report, here's how four brands are appealing to the young demographic with premium pet food products and services

Fitness & Sport How Brands Like Equinox Use Data To Deliver Hyper-Personalized Wellness Advice

Health and fitness brands are enabling customized experiences and tailored lifestyle plans using customer information like DNA or gym habits to help them reach their personal goals

Brand Activation & Immersion Weight Watchers Revamps Brand To Reflect Consumer Wellness Focus

The popular weight loss program is changing its name to WW as part of a rebranding that promotes a focus on health and wellness rather than weight, including app upgrades and healthier food options

Food & Beverage Supermarket Chain Educates Customers On Healthy Eating With In-Store Events

In honor of National Family Meals Month, ShopRite launched a campaign to help families eat better together, offering in-store demos, events and pre-assembled meal kits

Loyalty & Membership Nestle Offers Consumers DNA Tests And Customized Nutrition Plans As Part Of Health-Focused Brand Revamp

The Swiss company is aligning itself with trends around personalized nutrition, marshaling a wellness program that mixes artificial intelligence, DNA testing and social media food shares to collect data about customers’ health and diet interests

Packaging & Product Engagement Grocery Shoppers Can Scan Any Product For Personalized Nutrition Labels

Called Pinto, the food-scanning app finds the right items for any diet plan, tailoring the grocery-shopping process for customers' specific needs

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket Kroger's Scoring System Helps Shoppers Make Smart Nutrition Choices

The retail giant launched an app that acts as shoppers' virtual assistant by scoring products based on nutritional value, extending the brand's value to customers by helping them stay informed about the food they're buying

Store Experience & Design Petco Tests A Cashierless, Service-Focused Store

The pet retailer's PetCoach store will provide grooming, training, nutrition counseling and veterinary care among other services, also offering a membership-based option that gives customers monthly perks

Cafe & Restaurant Interview: Making Your Meal Work For Your Biology

Habit's Chief Innovation Officer Heather Cutter sat down with PSFK to explain how her company is using specific biological data to make diet suggestions

Retail PSFK 2017: What The Supermarket Could Look Like In 2065

At PSFK 2017, Studio Industries CEO Mike Lee teleported us in a time machine to the grocery store of the future, where experiences will reign over products

Wellness Wellness Specialists Walk Store Aisles To Help Customers Make Healthier Choices

Newly hired specialists at Raley's supermarkets mark one of many programs the company has undertaken to promote wellness and sustainability

Advertising New Adidas Lifestyle App Helps Women Lead More Active Lives

The All Day app uses behavioral science to improve performance and suggest new challenges for users

Food & Beverage Improve Your Mood With AI-Selected Foods

Yolk! is an app designed to detect your emotional state and suggest the appropriate foods that could help improve it