Brand Activation & Immersion Startup Paint Co Caters To Millennials With Instagrammable And Sustainable Products

The startup keeps the millennial market's priorities in mind with low-toxicity, high-design products that reflect key interests like aesthetics and sustainability

Home Paint Company Uses Quizzes And Calculators To Help Customers Pick A Color

DTC decor brand Clare aims to streamline how customers select paint colors, eliminating trips to the hardware store by digitizing the entire process

Advertising Pantone Adds Wine-Inspired 'English Sparkling' To The Color Wheel

Laithwaite's Wine partnered with the color institute to launch a hue inspired by its sparkling white wine

Design Why This Peelable Paint Is Receiving Design Awards In Japan

Recipient of the 2017 japan good design award, belay peelable paint provides a protective coating on furniture surfaces

Children Soap Crayon Encourages Kids To Wash Their Hands

When a child makes a drawing on their hand it helps teach them how to spend time washing their hands

Advertising Benjamin Moore's Room-Size Stop-Motion Animation Demonstrates The Beauty Of Paint

The project was created for the brand to showcase their new soft touch matte paint

Mischievous Drone Will Drop Paint-Filled Balloons On Targets Of Your Choosing

A German photography team developed the flying device to accurately deliver a payload wherever needed

PSFK Picks: Top Five Apps Of The Week

A new wristband tracks what you eat, and a shower attachment helps conserve water.

Work Recycling Process Turns Leftover Paint Into An Exquisite Design Material [Pics]

Tel Aviv product designer creates 2D and 3D pieces out of dumpster-bound polyurethane.

Advertising Use Songs To Mix Various Paint Palettes

American paint company Dutch Boy's new app lets customers paint a room in their favorite song.

Popped Paint-Covered Balloons Reveal Intense Swirls Of Color [Pics]

Sound, magnetism, and air pressure are used to create these stunning images.

Design Artist Hand-Paints Famous Artworks Onto Neiman Marcus Stilettos [Video]

Boyarde Messenger created one-of-a-kind-shoes inspired by great masterpieces.

Innovation Camouflage Face Paint Protects Soldiers From Bomb Explosions [Video]

Military cosmetic that shields the skin from extreme heat of over 1,000 degree Fahrenheit.

Technology Special Paint Turns Any Surface Into A Battery

Walls and tiles could soon power all your electronics with this innovation.