Fashion & Apparel Paris Streetwear Brand Takes Basic Approach To Captivating Store Design

Homecore's Paris popup is a case study in dynamic interior store design using simple and cheap materials, referencing Newtonian physics and graffiti street art

Brand Activation & Immersion Startup Paint Co Caters To Millennials With Instagrammable And Sustainable Products

The startup keeps the millennial market's priorities in mind with low-toxicity, high-design products that reflect key interests like aesthetics and sustainability

Packaging & Product Engagement Google Opens Pop-up "Hardware Stores" Promoting Latest Digital Devices

Google's New York and Chicago pop-up locations look to compete against Apple for holiday season sales, debuting the latest technology in old-school aesthetics

Home Behr's Pop-Up Store Offers Visitors Shoppable Moments Courtesy Of Home Depot

The paint brand's pop-up store allowed visitors to see 'colors in action,' offering the opportunity to consult with on-site experts and buy instantly on iPads, all while celebrating its color of the year

Shopper Education & Assistance Paint Company Uses Quizzes And Calculators To Help Customers Pick A Color

DTC decor brand Clare aims to streamline how customers select paint colors, eliminating trips to the hardware store by digitizing the entire process

Advertising Pantone Adds Wine-Inspired 'English Sparkling' To The Color Wheel

Laithwaite's Wine partnered with the color institute to launch a hue inspired by its sparkling white wine

Design Why This Peelable Paint Is Receiving Design Awards In Japan

Recipient of the 2017 japan good design award, belay peelable paint provides a protective coating on furniture surfaces

Children Soap Crayon Encourages Kids To Wash Their Hands

When a child makes a drawing on their hand it helps teach them how to spend time washing their hands

Technology Make A Lamp Out Of Paper And Paint With This Kit

The Bare Conductive is a DIY kit for people to make their own lighting at home

Design Los Angeles Is Testing A Special Paint To Cool Down City Streets

The city of Los Angeles will be testing out a layer of CoolSeal paint on public streets, which cuts down how much heat asphalt absorbs

Technology Solar Paint Produces Energy From Water Vapor

The innovation could provide useful access to a clean and renewable energy source

Advertising Colorful Paris Basketball Court Updated With A New Look

A new coat of paint on a basketball court makes it look like it was taken from an 80s video game

Interview How Alexa Is Making The Workplace Better

Pandera Systems is a startup leveraging voice interfaces to restructure the flow of data for better workflow

Advertising London Billboard Illustrated With Polluted Air Ink

Anirudh Sharma from the MIT Media Lab has extracted soot from the air and mixed it with ink for artists to use