Design Startup Scans 10,000 Women To Design Empowering Swimsuits

Summersalt, a D2C swimwear brand, took 1.5 million measurements from 10,000 women to create its eco-friendly collection

Fashion & Apparel Environmentally-Friendly T-Shirt Packaging Turns Into Measuring Tape

T-shirt brand 10pt stores its products in spiral tubes that turn into fully functioning measuring tapes along with cases to contain them, encouraging waste reduction with sustainable packaging

Advertising NYC Retail's Best Holiday Windows Of 2017

PSFK's tour of the most artistic, eye-catching holiday windows includes paper musical instruments, jewel-encrusted dinosaurs and human-teddy bear hybrids

Shopper Marketing & Promotion Stationery Maker Uses Recycled Coffee Cups For A New Product Line

G . F Smith and CupCycling create a sustainable loop between cups and stationery

Loyalty & Membership Enabling Retail Personalization At Scale

Our latest PSFK research paper provides insights into enabling highly personalized shopping experiences for retailers and their customers

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Google Wants To Help Cities Become Circular Economies

Along with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the two companies want to work together to help cities become more sustainable

Advertising This Minimalist Business Card Hides Its Details In The Shade

You have to be bright enough to figure out how to view the information on a business card that first appears completely blank

Food & Beverage Organic Bulk-Buy Grocery Store Aims To Eliminate Packaging Waste

This store doesn't have any single packaged food as it aims to motive customers to bring their own customers when shopping

Design IoT Garbage Can Sorts Your Trash Automatically And Gathers Data

This trash bin is smart enough to separate garbage from recyclables and inform maintenance staff when it's time to come collect it

Technology This Minimalist Flashlight Is Made Of Paper

Durable paper printed with electronic circuit boards allows a user to roll the tube loosely or tightly to adjust the light

Children Foldable Cardboard Desk Creates An Instant Workspace For Children In Need

A product design student made a portable, easy-to-use desk for underprivileged children

Design Architecture Pavilion Made Of 2,000 Paper Rings

The structure at the Festival des Architectures Vives was assembled without fasteners or glue

Gaming & Play This Paper Game Set Is Like An Adult Coloring Book For Makers

Papier Machine has 13 paper-based electronic toys that can be cut, colored, folded and assembled

Fashion & Apparel Circuit Board Wearable Fits On Like A Second Skin

A stretchy golden wearable could make it easier for doctors to monitor their patients, even after they return home