Podcast: How A Men's Parenting Site Used An Experiential Popup To Drive Engagement

In this episode, CEO of online media brand Fatherly shares how his publication uniquely blends content with commerce, as well as how a recent real-life popup served to further drive engagement and conversions

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services How Brands From Amex To Target Are Driving Sales By Catering To Millennial Parents

Considering the immense purchasing power of this now parenting demographic, brands ranging industries from banking to skincare are augmenting their business by incorporating the specific values and needs of millennials into their offers

Millennials Interview: How A Weekly Newsletter Became A Parenting Media Brand

Michael Rothman, co-founder of Fatherly and speaker at our upcoming CXI 2018 conference, discusses the strategy behind building a digital lifestyle brand for millennials

Fashion & Apparel Bloomingdale's Event Series Explores Modern Womanhood

A series of talks at the department store will focus on female empowerment, starting with a celebration of working moms

Children Social Platform Connects Parents While Avoiding The Pitfalls of Facebook

Chairman Mom looks to bring working parents together while evading issues like the misuse of user information and problematic comments

Talking To Millennial Parents

Mike Kaufman of Fatherly talks about his approach to building a modern media brand that connects with a millennial audience of men - and with women. 

Advertising Yoplait Created A Hotline For People To Share Parenting Ideas

Yoplait developed a legitimate hotline for people to call to voice their opinions on how moms should handle their kids while they are in public

Design Automated Sensors Are Making Life Easier For New Parents

Monit created a new sensor that sits inside a baby's crib to monitor their diaper to alert parents for them to change it

Infants Battery Powered Cradle Will Rock Itself

NoomiNoomi is a clever device that makes it easier to put babies to sleep

Gaming & Play Virtually Tether Your Kids To Your Phone With This Wristband

The accessory gives children the freedom to play without their parents worrying too much about their whereabouts

Technology Home Smartphone Brings Families Together

The design of a new intercom focuses on making communication simple and quick

Luxury Self-Propelled Stroller Leads the Way to Hands-Free Parenting

This self-pushing pram concept could be a dream for jogger parents, but we have our doubts

Technology This Wearable Tracks How Many Words Your Baby Hears Each Day

Starling allows parents to track their child's verbal engagement

Baby Memory Book Asks Parents to Document First-Year Milestones for Science

The Human Infant Project is a book that helps more science-minded parents record their children's first big accomplishments