Advertising DTC Mobile Carrier Implements IRL Campaigns To Convey Consumer Experience

Unconventional out-of-home ad tactics set Visible apart from mass mobile carriers, using IRL activations to convey its consumer experience rather than talk up its services

Consumer Goods Google Will Repair Customers' Products With Own Mail-In Service

To keep repairs of its products in-house, the tech company is allowing customers to mail damaged Pixels in to a Google Repair Center

Samsung's UK Mobile Chief Thinks Phones Should Be Our 'Slaves, Not Masters'

The company believes a shift to a more connected and ‘concierge-like’ experience is needed to combat our smartphone-obsessed society

Automotive U-Haul Has A New Self-Service Option Using Your Phone Camera

A new U-Haul app allows customers to rent a truck whenever they need one at anytime of the day

Retail Change Mobile Carrier By Sending A Breakup Text

A U.K. regulatory agency is rethinking the way customers can speak with and switch mobile providers

Technology This Website Plays Music To Match The Rhythm Of Your Heart

Columbia Records came up with RussPerMinute to launch the debut album of rapper Russ

Design The World's Smallest 4G Phone Will Fit In The Palm Of Your Hand

Unihertz announced a new device that seeks to downsize without sacrificing capability

Home A System That Makes Water Conservation Fun

Well makes it easier to save water by keeping users aware of how much they're using throughout various locations of their home

Design Control This Pet Door With A Swipe Of Your Phone

SureFlap lets pet owners assign a schedule for their animals through their phone to keep them inside during evenings

Wellness Test Male Fertility Using Just A Phone

Scientists have created a device and application giving people a cheaper and more private method to analyze their reproductive health

Technology Phone Designed To Encourage You Not To Use It

Siempo's device has only the essential features to help users keep their focus elsewhere

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Phone Charger Powered By Human Energy

Teenager Michael Vaga has come up with HandEnergy, a pocket generator that uses the rotation of your hand to store electricity

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Google Earth Phone Case Shows Live Travel Images

A new case changes the Pixel's wallpaper each day using the images and trends they cultivate

Health This App Is Helping Curb Air Pollution In India

Hawa Badlo lets citizens report air contamination incidents to better improve the quality of their communities