Advertising Add A 3D Hologram To Any Photo

Holo app uses volumetric imaging to add 3D images into pictures, and advertisers will be looking at how to capitalize upon this ability

Design AI Photography Assistant Promises Great Shots Everytime

Arsenal is a camera assistant that can be controlled using a phone

Technology Fully Functional 3D-Printed Camera Shoots On 35mm Film

A designer's exploration resulted in a device made to record moments, while also looking at the creation of the recorder itself

Consumer Goods Tablet Turns Your Kitchen Into A Multimedia Center

Loop is a new streaming device that offers photo sharing, social media and video calling in a sleek tablet design

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel 30-Year-Old Photographs Used As Travel Guides

A new photo series revolves around tracing the origins of images from the past

Retail Leica's Instant Camera Offers Old Tech In Beautiful New Packaging

The German optics manufacturer unveiled its first contribution to the world of instant-gratification photography

Design Say Goodbye To Scouring The Web For Stock Art

Photoshop-integrated plug-in lets you search through an entire database of licensed artwork without having to leave the program

Design Search Engine Turns Your Own Drawings Into Photos

This image-matching software accepts hand-made sketches instead of keywords

Technology Photo-Sharing App Brings Images To Life Through Swinging

Polaroid's new service offers one-second video clips that offer a greater field of view by tilting and tapping your phone

Retail Snap A Photo And Donate To Charity

Gone For Good is a UK-based app makes giving a simple process of a few clicks

Technology Find the Exact Spot Where a Photo Was Taken With This App

An app lets you seamlessly use a photo as a compass

Design Sustainable Condoms Go Green, Want You to Treat Your Body Like a Temple

Sustain Condoms 'Protect Your Environment' photo series encourages millennials to protect their sexual health as they would the world around them

Advertising Seoul Skyscraper's Facade Controls The Climate Inside The Building

LED lights display gently shifting constellations at night, while adjusting the temperature to save energy.

Advertising Camera Add-On Turns The iPhone Into A Spy Periscope

New gadget enables users to take straight-on photographs in texting position.