Delivery & Logistics Shoppers Click & Collect Orders From Fashion E-Retailer's Physical Stores

Germany's Zalando is partnering with its featured brands to let shoppers retrieve merchandise from its outlet locations, tapping into its brick-and-mortar stock to supplement online sales

Beauty Coachella Attendees Can Shop Their Festival Necessities On Amazon Storefront

The etailer launched a digital storefront designed to function as a one-stop-shop for attendees' festival needs, aligning with younger consumers through occasion-based marketing

Analysis How Mobile Checkout & Store Pickup Help Kroger Stay On Top Of The Grocery Category

High-tech customer service removes friction from the grocery shopping experience and gives supermarket chain Kroger an edge on the competition

Automotive Grocers Can Provide Seamless Click-And Collect With Modular Pick-Up Solution

Bell and Howell's QuickCollect system helps smaller grocery stores meet consumer expectations for online ordering and store pickup with an easy-to-integrate drive-through module

Food & Beverage Walgreens Customers Can Shop Kroger Inventory And Pick Up Goods In-Store

This partnership aims to combine the massive inventories of the grocery and health & wellness retailers to enable one-stop shopping for consumers, even allowing them to order ahead online and pickup in-store