Design This App Helps Users Visualize The Best Plants For Their Home

Plant Life Balance is a "virtual greening" app that promotes health and wellness through house plants

Health PSFK 2017: Re-Branding Cannabis As A Tool For Wellness

Derek McCarty discusses how hmbldt is changing attitudes around marijuana

Fitness & Sport Device Rewards Daily Exercise By Keeping A Plant Alive

Phabit motivates users to maintain a healthy lifestyle by rewarding workouts and good habits with the maintenance of a small plant

Food & Beverage Growing Fresh Produce With Aquaponics Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

Aquapioneers' open source kit lets you print your own aquaponics ecosystem

Design This Art Exhibit Uses Presidential Tweets To Nurture A Lavender Field

An artist attempts to try to turn tweets into something nurturing

Home Modular Indoor Garden Works Like A Living LEGO Set

LeGrow lets gardeners resize, add lights and even simulate a morning fog for their home plants

Design Wall Plant Array Purifies The Air Indoors

A smart wall of plants called Naava could have the ability to constantly provide fresh air

Food & Beverage Umbrella Stand Waters Plants As It Dries

LÖV is an umbrella stand that uses the falling drops to sustain plants and/or herbs below

Design This Plant In A Jar Never Needs To Be Watered

The Pickaplant Jar recycles the water and air inside the biotope to survive on its own

Home Self-Watering Flowerpot Keeps Plants Hydrated For 28 Days

The Natural Balance ceramic pot makes it easy for busy workers or frequent travelers to keep their plants healthy

Technology Atmospheric Water Keeps Plants Healthy with New Technology

Peon uses atmospheric water vapor to water plants automatically

Home MIT Grads Create A Personal Farm For Your Kitchen

Former frat boys aim to put automated organic farming directly into households to cut environmental and financial costs,

Advertising Photosynthesis Camera Informs Gardeners If Their Plants Are Healthy

Simple technology help everyone have a green thumb.

Design Balancing Vase Automatically Tips Over When Plants Are Thirsty

New design alerts owner when it’s time to water their greenery.