Pokémon Go

Retail Say Hello To The First Augmented Reality Messaging Platform

Neon allows users to interact with their friends through augmented reality messages

Innovation After The Initial Success Of AR Gaming, What Does The Future Hold?

With Pokemon GO earning up to $10m a day, R&D departments are busy searching for the next phase

Technology Star Wars Wristband Lets People Control A Robot

The new Force Band allows the wearer to dictate the movements of a small BB-8 toy

Gaming & Play Pokémon Go Wearable Will Let You Play Without A Screen

A new gaming device will light up and vibrate when its owner is near a Pokéstop

Op-Ed Pokémon Go’s Success In Tech Is The Art Industry’s Saving Grace

CEO of Meural shares how digital positively impacts the consumption of visual culture for those that don’t have regular access to it

Advertising Insurance Campaign Illustrates The Dangers Of AR Gaming

This ad aims to curb road safety by reminding drivers about the consequences of playing mobile games behind the wheel

Gaming & Play IRL Pokeball Also Doubles As A Phone Charger

Become a real trainer by using a kinetic Pokémon controller for your mobile device

Op-Ed Software Architect: Pokémon Go And The Birth Of 'Fourth Place' Community

Gareth Price, Technical Director at NYC-based digital marketing agency Ready Set Rocket, analyzes augmented reality's future in the marketing landscape

Syndicated Augmented Reality And The Immersive Art Of Storytelling

Pokémon Go has shone a spotlight on AR, but it’s the fully-immersive worlds of VR and hyper reality that represent the future

Technology iPhone Case Designed Just For Catching Pokémon

An industrial engineer has created a custom-built enclosure to make the AR game easier

Advertising Yogurt Brand Targets Ads To Attract Pokémon Go Players

Using the app's in-game stops that players actively seek, Stonyfield will send out curated messages with links to store locators

Gaming & Play Location-Based Chat App Connects Pokémon Go Players

Gamers could soon be able to search for local trainers and coordinate meet-ups

Automotive Amsterdam Commuters Are Playing Their Own Analog Augmented Reality Game

In contrast to the popularity of Pokémon Go, a Dutch artist has created a low-tech version to inject some fun into people’s daily travels

Advertising Pokémon Go Will Soon Offer Sponsored Locations

The United States' most feverishly played app has plans to offer unique advertising opportunities to retailers