Brand Activation & Immersion Poland's New High-Design Airport Aims To Simplify And Beautify Traveling

Poland's Solidarity Transport Hub plans to reinvent air travel with intuitive, biophilic and sustainable design, with plans to open in 2027

Analysis How Brands Are Activating Public Spaces To Educate Consumers On Sustainability

These innovative companies are storytelling and communicating important messages about topics like sustainability through eye-catching public art and interactive activations

Case Study New Polish Hotel Pays Homage To Its City's Cinematic History

PURO Łódź is a design-forward hotel in one of Poland's oldest cities that celebrates its hometown's film roots through an in-house cinema and weekly movie nights

This Biodegradable, Multifunctional Paper Aims To Curb The Bee Crisis

City Bees created an environmentally friendly, glucose-containing material that can be used in products such as bags or coffee cups, at once helping curb plastic waste while also giving needed nourishment to the dwindling bee population

Retail Shoe Retailer Replaces Physical Browsing With Digital Selection

Eobuwie's concept store in Poland trades display tables for tablets to replicate and test e-commerce IRL

Advertising Fire Department's Paper Advertisement Has Life-Saving Potential

A print advertisement functions as a tool for Polish residents to assess their home's risk of carbon monoxide poisoning

Design Art Installation Turns Selfies Into Piles Of Gravel

The installation, created by Pangenerator in Warsaw, examines selfie culture and its repercussions on teenage life

Fashion & Apparel Can Poland's Answer To Topshop Make It On Oxford Street?

Reserved has signed a £42m lease for the old BHS flagship store but securing a foothold in the UK clothing market may take more than money

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Smart Bicycle Bell Beams Through Car Radios

A radio-enabled bicycle bell alerts drivers to share the road, helping bikers travel safely

Technology Physical Books Transformed Into A Digital Reading Experience

Two product designers are working on a physical book you can highlight with your finger, and have the info saved automatically to an app of your choosing

Fashion & Apparel This Concept Lets You Design Your Own Biodegradable 3D Printed Sneakers

Shoetopia is a design project looking to become a reality, which would enable people to create their own unique pair of shoes through just their phone

Design Unique Tableware Is Marked With The Fingerprints Of Its Makers

A porcelain stained art piece called The Human Trace reminds the public of the work factory workers do in the industrial industry.

Food & Beverage Unique Vodka Bottles Branded Specifically As A Gift To Google

As a Google Campus moves into the city of Warsaw, a branding company celebrates the move with a special vodka designed specifically for the company

Infants Browser Extension Makes Any Page Kid Friendly

Rodzice developed a Chrome browser extension that adds child-friendly graphics to any website