Automotive Porsche Personalizes Its Drivers' Carbon Footprint Reduction

The luxury auto brand's carbon calculator gives each Porsche driver a personalized donation rec to support climate-related projects that reduce CO2 emissions

Brand Activation & Immersion Sperry Sporters Can Ask Alexa How To Reduce Environmental Footprint

The footwear retailer is raising awareness among consumers on ocean pollution with an Alexa Skill called Sperry Waterkeeper

Design The North Face Debuts Clothing Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles

The outerwear brand's new collection offers eco-friendly options whose proceeds will benefit the National Park Foundation

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket Indian Startup Fights Pollution By Upcycling Rotting Temple Flowers

Collecting the discarded religious flower petals, Help Us Green intends to curb river pollution by using the plants to make incense

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket Crowdfunding Participants Control Trash Bots To Clean Up City Rivers

Urban Rivers gamified its Kickstarter campaign for a remote-controlled robot that picks up trash in the Chicago River

Fashion & Apparel These Scarves Are Printed Using Soot From Pollution

A designer uses ink made from car exhaust to send a message about pollution

Delivery & Logistics Simple Packaging Solution Could Have A Huge Environmental Impact

A Dutch design student has proposed an environmentally friendly solution to curb packaging waste and cost

Fitness & Sport Smart Tracks And 'Smog Jogs:' The Rapid Rise Of Shanghai's Running Clubs

With facial-recognition running tracks and an over-subscribed marathon, Shanghai is fast becoming a city of joggers—despite its notorious air pollution

Technology This Robotic Eel Can Hunt For Water Pollution

The Envirobot robotic eel is equipped with sensors and moves naturally through the surrounding environment

Design Stroller Mounted Air Filter Creates A Protective Bubble Around Babies

This baby fan filter will help protect young children from airborne pollutants

Retail Uber Drivers In London Must All Go Hybrid Or Electric By 2020

The ride-hailing service says it is aiming to tackle pollution by banning vehicles that do not have an electric motor

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Roads Could Be Covered With 'Tunnels' To Absorb Pollution

UK Highways Agency studies Dutch scheme using ‘cantilevered canopies’ covered with pollution-absorbing material in effort to improve air quality

Syndicated A Remote Town Is Turning Death-Trap Debris Into World-Class Art

Washed-up fishing nets plague a Cape York community—but locals are winning global acclaim for repurposing them

Advertising Chinese Bike Share Launches Partnership For Air-Purifying Bicycles

Bike-sharing company ofo is hoping that the bicycles can help alleviate pollution issues in large cities