Advertising IKEA Wants Pregnant Women To Pee On Its New Ad

Expectant mothers can literally pee on IKEA's new print ad as a pregnancy test and get a 50% discount on a $1,000 crib

Design Wearable Device Helps Keep Track Of Daily Birth Control Doses

Popit is a device and app will tell you if you've missed taking your birth control pill

Delivery & Logistics This NYC Gym For Expectant Mothers Is Made For Pregnant Bodies

At FPC, pregnant women work up a sweat in an environment that keeps them safe while still building strength

Children Pregnancy Test Lets The Partner Find Out First So They Can Break The News

Tempo, an Italian tissue brand has created a pregnancy test that sends the results via a corresponding app to the father first

Automotive Japanese Taxi Service Made Specifically For Pregnant Women

Kyoto taxi company Furusato Kotsu is providing specifically-trained drivers to accommodate women making trips to the hospital

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel App Alerts Distracted Commuters When Pregnant Women Need Seats

Babee on Board allows expecting mothers to request seats on local transportation, even when people are preoccupied with their phones

Technology Wristband Will Let Daddies-To-Be ‘Feel’ Baby's Kicking

BabyBuzz sends vibrations between expecting parents so they can share intimate moments remotely

Technology Acoustic Sensor for Pregnant Women Records Fetal Heartbeats

The Bellabeat Shell lets moms-to-be listen to, record and share their baby's heartbeat with loved ones

Innovation Redesigned Female Condom Is A More Natural Fit For Women's Bodies

A design for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation hopes to create an elliptical-shaped female condom.

Pregnancy Journal Pages Grow Along With The Mother [Video]

The Bell-Net Mother Book helps women who are expecting track their pregnancy.

Home The Top Health Innovations Of 2013

From the weird and wacky to the genuinely adventurous, here are the most popular health innovations that got our readers talking.

Technology Fertility App Promises Pregnancy, Or Your Money Back

The Glow app is designed for women who are trying to get pregnant.

Design Plant-Growing Maternity Vest Mimics Real Pregnancy [Pics]

A see-through compartment reminds people that plants are living things that need care and attention in order to flourish.

Advertising Pregnancy Belt Lets Dad Feel The Baby Kick [Video]

Huggies created a new way for expecting fathers to share the experiences of being with child.