psfk 2017

Podcast: How CXI Is The Key To Wearable Tech

PSFK looks back: Billie Whitehouse took to the stage at PSFK 2017 to discuss her new yoga pant line NadiX that can correct your form with directional haptic feedback

Using CXI To Develop Human Technology

Christina Agapakis of Ginkgo Bioworks describes her vision for the future of biotech, how the most amazing computer is actually inside of us and how drawing from the power of biology for human technology is where the real power resides.

Closing The Pleasure Gap with CXI

Dame Products founder Alexandra Fine tells us about her mission to openly empower the sexual experiences of womankind.

Advertising PurpleList Podcast Episode 7: Building The Netflix Of Home Fitness

At PSFK 2017, Peloton COO and Co-Founder Tom Cortese spoke about how Peloton aims to marry the comfort of home fitness to the high-energy engagement of celebrity-run classes

PSFK 2017: Creative Storytellers Can Fight Against The War On Truth And Trust

A talk from Scott Bedbury at PSFK 2017 stresses the importance of transparency in a country that has fallen prey to “alternative facts”

Design PSFK 2017: When Designing Wearables, Don’t Put The Technology First

Wearable X CEO Billie Whitehouse spoke to PSFK 2017 about designing wearables for all five senses and maintaining a sense of humor

Wellness PSFK 2017: The Secret Recipe For Success Is Not What You Think

Colin Beavan, author of No Impact Man and How to Be Alive, divulges the one thing that the majority of happy, successful people have in common

Food & Beverage PSFK 2017: What The Supermarket Could Look Like In 2065

At PSFK 2017, Studio Industries CEO Mike Lee teleported us in a time machine to the grocery store of the future, where experiences will reign over products

Health PSFK 2017: Re-Branding Cannabis As A Tool For Wellness

Derek McCarty discusses how hmbldt is changing attitudes around marijuana

Gen Z PSFK 2017: Brands Should Speak To Young People As Citizens, Not Just Consumers

Bobby Jones, Chief Marketing Officer at Peace First and co-author of Good Is The New Cool, shares his guidelines for marketing to a new generation of socially conscious consumers

Technology PSFK 2017: Women Aren't Having Enough Orgasms, So Dame Is Here To Help

Dame co-founder Alexandra Fine talks about designing sex products that close the pleasure gap

Design PSFK 2017: Re-Thinking Addresses To Improve Mail And Health Services Worldwide

Clare Jones introduced PSFK 2017 to what3words, the global addressing system that is changing and saving lives around the world

Fitness & Sport PSFK 2017: How Coss Marte Is Smashing Stereotypes One Prison Workout At A Time

Prison inmate turned fitness CEO Coss Marte discussed how he went from selling drugs on a street corner to running a company at Saks 5th Avenue, alongside racks of designer clothes and shoes

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket PurpleList Podcast Episode 10: What The Supermarket Could Look Like in 2065

Studio Industries founder Mike Lee teleported us in a time machine to 2065 to show us his predictions on what the future supermarket will look like