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Artist's platform provides "digital antidote" to the highly curated world of social media

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The BiAffect app identifies manic and depressive behaviors

Fashion & Apparel Wearable Warns You When A Fight With Your Significant Other Is Imminent

Researchers at the University of Southern California have developed the basis for a device that alerts you five minutes before a fight could start with your S.O.

Children Scientifically-Crafted Song Keeps Babies Happy

C&G Babyclub created the track with the sound of sneezes, animals and laughter

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Designed with strong technical expertise and high intelligence, it’s not so far-fetched that the robots of the future could outperform human managers

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New research shows that the pictures people post to their social media accounts can indicate their mental and emotional states

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Technology Virtual Chat Game Helps Vets Reintegrate Into Civilian Life

A gamified app helps soldiers practice communicating with people they care about

Technology 'Karen' is a Virtual Woman That Will Psychologically Profile You

An app is in development that will come to get to know you through questions and taking data from your phone

Work Study Shows Londoners Are Most Creative Worldwide Due To Relaxing Morning Rituals

IKEA's annual 'Life at Home' report has found that the leisurely habits of those in the UK capital boost their imaginative thinking.

Innovation Body Maps Show Where Emotions Hit Hardest

Finnish researchers have developed a body map of human emotions that is universal across cultures.