Delivery & Logistics Target Customers Can Browse Shoppable Recipe Guides

Building its reputation a full-service grocery destination, Target is letting customers browse 1 million recipes, build shopping lists and place orders for same-day delivery

Food & Beverage Amazon Will Deliver Recipes Right To Your Door

Amazon is teaming up with food recipe websites to make it easier for members to get all the ingredients they need to make something new

Design Cook From Every Angle With This Fun 3D Recipe

Make a Banoffee Pie with a 3D recipe that guides you step by step

Technology MIT's Bot Can Tell What Ingredients Are In Your Food Just By Looking At It

Pic2Recipe can analyze a photo to tell cooks not only the components but a suggestion of how to make it

Retail This Platform Will Show People How To Forage For Their Own Food

René Redzepi's new app makes finding edible eats possible anywhere

Design Let This Smart Spice Kiosk Help Season Your Meals

A spice station will automatically recommend spice combinations for under seasoned dishes

Advertising Cartoon Characters Encourage Kids To Make Healthy Eating Choices

Meal Monsters is an app that wants parents and kids to learn how to make healthy cooking choices through interactive storytelling, games, and making recipes together

Home Buzzfeed Puts Out A Cookbook That Is Totally Customizable

The online media company has crafted a print cookbook that includes only the kinds of recipes that you most want to cook

Consumer Goods Kitchen Device Converts Fruit Into Hard Cider

Alchema brews alcoholic beverages with all the recipes and steps included in an application database

Video Cookbook Built On Algorithms Can Be Customized Just For You

Buzzfeed has turned its popular cooking site into a personalized cooking manual

Food & Beverage Allrecipes Launches New Search Function For Amazon Echo

The new application for the Echo lets users search through thousands of recipes and prepare them in real time

Design Chocolate Cookbook Blends Food With Design

"How To Kill Yourself With Chocolate" is based on the subtle toxin Theobromine, which is commonly found in cocoa

Food & Beverage This Beer Is Perfected Through Artificial Intelligence

IntelligentX Beer refines its own recipe based on Facebook Messenger feedback

Retail Instacart And Food Network Deliver Favorite Recipes To Your Door

Grocery delivery service expands audience through partnership with popular recipe network