Children Disney's Internal Design Tool Helps Retailers Implement Recyclable Packaging

Disney and the Toy Association are aiming to set a new industry standard, releasing a SmartPackaging tool that provides smaller retailers with the resources they need to enable sustainable design

Design Help Reduce Plastic Waste With A Compostable Sandwich Bag

LunchSkins offers 100% recyclable and compostable bags to reduce the environmental impact of food service

Fitness & Sport Foldable, Recyclable Bike Helmet Brings Safety To Bike Share Programs

Th EcoHelmet has won the James Dyson Award for its simple approach to solving a big problem

Advertising Giant Coffee Cups Encourage People To Recycle Their Morning Cup Of Joe

The Hubbub Foundation has created a set of themed bins meant to inspire recycling on a large scale

A Backpack That Is Recycled, Recyclable And Resourceful

Each recycled Fjällräven backpack uses up to 11 plastic water bottles for the low-impact threading process that makes it possible

Design NYCxDesign Highlights: Celestial Table, Unique LEDs And Ultimate Plant Hanger

Thoughtfully considered function and unique aesthetics define these five product picks

Work Cardboard Standing Desk You Can Set Up Anywhere is 100% Recyclable

New Zealand company Refold has launched a Kickstarter campaign to produce American-made desks

Home Cardboard iPad Stand Adds Slow Tech Edge To Tablet

Gadget accessory made from recycled material transforms your tablet into retro-style TV

Advertising Hotel Rooms Constructed From Trash Call Attention To Forgotten Urban Areas

New project aims to get German residents thinking about the future of their suburbs.

Retail Cloud-Shaped Changing Room Expands And Contracts To Fit Shoppers

World Basics' pop-up store features an expandable space that zips up into life-size cocoon.

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Bike Helmet Made From Recycled Newspaper [Video]

Water-resistant head gear can be recycled after use.

Retail Puma Launches Biodegradable Shoes & Apparel

To show the brand’s commitment to the environment, it will launch a line of clothing that can be worn and then returned when finished with for processing.

Home Cardboard Furniture Perfect For College Students [Pics]

SmartDeco offers low-cost, eco-friendly cardboard furniture to those who most crave it: college students.

Design Natural Bio Lamp Shows Its Feeling Through Its Glow[Pics]

The sustainable, nature-inspired design aims to recreate a link between plants and humans.