Health Microsoft Is Creating A Blockchain-Based Digital ID Network

Microsoft and Accenture want to create a digital network where refugees can prove their identity from any location in the world

Advertising Learn Arabic And Help Save A Refugee Through A Single Socially-Minded Platform

NaTakallam is a connects people over Skype or WhatsApp with Syrian refugees to exchange support and knowledge

Design Free Syrian App Helps People Stay Connected In War And Disaster Areas

A new program called FreeCom allows online communication to work offline

Technology This Platform Takes Over Your Phone To Demonstrate What It's Like To Be A Refugee

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees created an app to transform a person's phone into that of a 16 year old girl refugee

Design Photo Series Captures Refugees In Diaspora Through Phone Cameras

In what is now considered the world's worst refugee problem, smartphones carry much value in documenting daily life

Children UNICEF's New Films Tell The Story Of Refugee And Migrant Children

The Unfairy Tales campaign is a series of animated stories that follow children who have been forced to flee their homeland

Design Pictogram Language Designed For Refugee Camps

The system of iconography is both a practical and artistic solution to help displaced individuals and families

Design Ai Weiwei Addresses The Refugee Crisis With His Latest Art Installation

The piece uses 1,005 life jackets to form a lotus-like pattern on a pool of water

Food & Beverage Australian Cafes Replace Coffee Cups to Highlight Refugee Crisis

The #coffeewithlayla campaign aims to spread knowledge about the challenges confronted by refugees and asylum seekers

Advertising Utilitarian Garments Designed To Help Refugees

A fashion student's senior collection features a range of multifunctional outerwear designed with the needs of refugees in mind

Home Pop-Up Religious Buildings Could Sustain Culture In Refugee Camps

Architect students design portable churches, synagogues and mosques for displaced communities

Technology PSFK Pulse: Geico Ads and Silicon Valley Magazines

Kickstart your day with fast-forwarded advertisements and a Slack breakup