Brand Activation & Immersion Are You Empowering Customers To Do More?

Brands can become a valuable resource by connecting audiences with opportunities to get involved in community and social impact programs

Technology Non-Profit Service Connects Volunteer Translators To Refugees

Tarjimly is streamlining the often time-consuming process of finding translators, while providing a valuable service for free

Advertising Amnesty International Used Hypnosis To Convey The Reality of Refugees

The international aid agency took empathy one step further by hypnotizing people to help them understand the horrors of the war in Syria

Advertising A Chatbot Helps Refugees Prepare For Their Asylum Interviews

MarHub is a new chatbot that will help connect refugees with up-to-date information and tips during the asylum-seeking process

Advertising Virtual Reality Recreates The Journey Of A Refugee

A new VR experience places the user next to a Syrian refugee family to learn about their difficult journey and where they want to go

Design Airbnb Developed A Toolkit For Inclusive Design

Another Lens poses a set of questions to help balance your bias

Health Microsoft Is Creating A Blockchain-Based Digital ID Network

Microsoft and Accenture want to create a digital network where refugees can prove their identity from any location in the world

Entertainment VR Experience Sheds Light On The Outsider's Journey To America

The short film explores the journey of Mexican and Central American immigrants and refugees

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Program Helps Refugees Open Bank Accounts By Giving Them Digital Identities

A conceptual application could help refugees lacking identity paperwork by going through their digital footprints

Technology Learn Arabic And Help Save A Refugee Through A Single Socially-Minded Platform

NaTakallam is a connects people over Skype or WhatsApp with Syrian refugees to exchange support and knowledge

Design Free Syrian App Helps People Stay Connected In War And Disaster Areas

A new program called FreeCom allows online communication to work offline

Advertising This Platform Takes Over Your Phone To Demonstrate What It's Like To Be A Refugee

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees created an app to transform a person's phone into that of a 16 year old girl refugee

Design Photo Series Captures Refugees In Diaspora Through Phone Cameras

In what is now considered the world's worst refugee problem, smartphones carry much value in documenting daily life

Food & Beverage Break Bread With A Refugee In Your Community

Refugees Welcome is a site that easily connects refugees and non-refugees together