Video Understanding The Value In Putting People First

As Slack Research Team Lead Christina Janzer explains, it isn't enough for brands to take user feedback at face value, they must place humanity at the core of products

Health Industry Implications For Chat-Based Customer Service

Brands across industries, from finance to retail and food, are finding ways to improve customer service by incorporating AI chatbots

Loyalty & Membership Enabling Retail Personalization At Scale

Our latest PSFK research paper provides insights into enabling highly personalized shopping experiences for retailers and their customers

Design Researchers Have Developed Food That Floats

The technology can transport small droplets of flavor to a person's tongue using acoustic waves

Advertising Introducing PSFK's 72 Hour Research Service

Our 'Chat A Researcher' team responds within 48-72 hours with a bespoke research report to satisfy questions from leadership

Technology Researchers Can Now Make Batteries From Garbage

According to new findings, sodium-ion batteries can be made with otherwise discarded goods

Retail PSFK Launches 20 New Reports For Members

Developed through our Chat-A-Researcher service, these papers cover a broad mix of topics including home design & technology, emerging advertising and retail trends

Food & Beverage Packaging Changes Colors To Alert Shoppers When Food Spoils

A Brazilian company is developing a new type of packaging that will provide a visual representation of freshness in the store aisle

Advertising Health Campaign Raises Awareness By Broadcasting Live Surgery

Cancer Research UK bought a 90 second advertisement slot to show a live procedure to make viewers aware of early detection techniques

Home The PSFK Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Based on a year of research by PSFK Labs, we curated a list of innovative and unique holiday gifts

Fitness & Sport Startup Creates A Better Online Medical Search Engine

Kang Health compares user's results to better provide medical information to people at home

Technology Your Body Could Be The Most Secure Password

New technologies are being developed to let people seamlessly unlock and control the devices around them using their biometric signals

Technology Play A Game With Microbes Using A Microscope On Your Phone

An open-source device developed at Stanford University turns microbiology into an interactive and educational tool

NASA Brings Artificial Intelligence To Firefighters

Partnered with wearables, AI is being used to make first responders safer on the job