Cafe & Restaurant TGI Fridays Encourages On-Site Customer Feedback To Improve Reviews

TGI Fridays is integrating review technology into the checkout process, enabling customers to give feedback seamlessly as well as allowing the restaurant to address concerns on-site to preempt negative online reviews

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket Amazon's New York Store Will Use Consumer Data To Curate Wares

The e-tailer is marshaling its wide customer base and data-driven consumer insights to create a New York store tailored for the city, reflecting its hottest sellers and trending items in a rotating merchandise selection

Post Purchase Service & Support Consumer Reviews Platform Lets Brands Automatically Leverage Organic Content To Promote Products

Influenster created a service that syncs 23 million reviews with retailers who can then use the information to promote their goods, driving sales with consumer-generated content

Automotive Car Buyers Can Leave Real-Time Online Feedback On Dealership Experience

JudgeService is working to make customer reviews as reliable and readily available as possible, enabling businesses to capture their clients best moments as well as speedily respond to any issues

Entertainment Hyperlocal News App Teams Up With Yelp To Provide Viewers Restaurant Reviews

Local Now is tapping into the website's wealth of content to round out its customized offerings and help users make dining decisions

Millennials New Product Review Site Helps Millennials Declutter Their Shopping

Algorithm-generated ratings decipher the differences between millennial-friendly products like meal kits and boxed mattresses

Advertising This Company Is Promoting Office Services With An Emphasis On Values

Managed by Q added a profiles page for small businesses on its platform to show potential clients what makes their services stand out

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Google Is Trying To Bridge The Language Gap For Travelers

A new feature will eliminate the need for using Google Translate or a phrasebook to read reviews in a foreign language

Syndicated Museum Exhibit Celebrates Strange Architectural Contraptions

Artist William Heath Robinson's peculiar genius is on display in this recent show with wiggling ducts, jumbles of planks and coils of cable

Syndicated Looking At Cities Through The Eyes Of A Burglar

Burglars look at buildings in a different way, seeing lift shafts that can be shimmied up and plasterboard walls to cut through

Syndicated Bjarke Ingels' Pyramid For The Minecraft Generation

Is it a wall? Is it a cave? Actually, this year’s pavilion started life as shelves

Gaming & Play Audience Takes Center Stage in Virtual Reality Dance Film

Choreography collides with VR, allowing viewers to take in a production from all angles

Home The Armory Show: A More Thoughtful, Less Cash-And-Carry Art Week

The market may have cooled but there was still plenty to see at New York’s art fairs

Technology Why Peeple, the "Yelp for People," is a Bad Business Model

PSFK speaks to Jeff Tinsley of about where Peeple went wrong