Automotive Roomba Lets Owners Give Voice Commands Using Google Assistant

Google is helping equip the latest vacuum device from iRobot with a camera and odometer permitting optimal spacial awareness and customizable functions as well as integrating Google Assistant

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The creator of the Roomba has invented a solar-powered, weatherproof robot gardener to help remove unwanted plants

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Codie brings simple programming to young minds

Advertising Viral Dance Star Does 'The Robot' With A Roomba [Video]

Internet sensationalist Marquese Scott is featured dancing with the robotic vacuum cleaner in a new ad.

Technology Robotic Vacuum Cleaners Generate Beautiful Light Paintings

A new art project illuminates the path of the Roomba cleaning robot, creating stunning pieces from their seemingly random movements.

Home Why We Love Roombas: They're Just Like Us

A study conducted by the Georgia Tech, examines our relationship with technology, in this case Roombas.

Innovation (Video) ChemBot: The Military's Shape Shifting Robot Blob

iRobot, the makers of the Roomba, have released footage of their bizarre new robot prototype, Chembot.