Automotive Taxi Startup Lets Riders And Drivers Decide Their Fare

InDriver aims to shake up the rideshare industry by allowing both passengers and drivers to haggle for the fairest rates, inspired by social media arguments over price surges

Brand Activation & Immersion Björn Borg Used AR Projection To Support LGBTQ Rights At The World Cup

The underwear company debuted a visual featuring a gay couple kissing during the Russia vs. Saudi Arabia game in a move that combined AR and social media to promote marriage rights for all

Advertising Inside The Booming Business Of Nation Branding

These days, every place in the world wants to market its unique identity—and an industry has sprung up to help put them on the map

Cafe & Restaurant Burger King Has Created Its Own Cryptocurrency Called WhopperCoin

The fast food chain is launching its own cryptocurrency in Russia as a part of a rewards program for customers

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Why Cryptocurrencies Are Coming Under Increasing Scrutiny

Cryptocurrencies are still more investments than a way to pay, but as their mainstream acceptability continues to grow, proper regulation will follow

Design Russian Artists "Erase" A Car By Painting Photoshop Pattern Over It

For the STENOGRAFFIA street art festival, a group of artists made a car look like it was cut out of a picture

Children Cut-Out Book Lets You Build Your Own Russian Constructivist Playground

Design studio Zupagrafika created a book for readers to take an interactive tour of the Russian architectural concept of constructivism

Technology Entire Building Is Imprinted With The Design Of A Circuit Board

An exhibition building in Russia was given an exterior design to make it look like it was covered by a circuit board

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Driverless Train Concept In China Runs On Paint Lines Instead Of Rails

The ART (Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit) runs on rubber tires, can run up to 70 km/h and carry 500 passengers

Design Redesigned Traffic Light Built For Both Humans And Robots

The concept design is made to be equally legible for people and AI in a future where autonomous vehicles are commonplace

Syndicated How Nike Sneakers Became An Unlikely Symbol Of Revolt

A pair of Air Max 95s have become a mark of dissent in Russia

Automotive The World's First Commercial Hoverbike Has Arrived

This electric-powered quadcopter is trying to change the way we get around

Syndicated River Rat Burgers Are The New Food Trend In Moscow

The nutria is the subject of the Russian capital's novel current food craze

Advertising Uber's Breathalyzer Cards Let You Know If You Are Sober Enough To Drive

A new campaign from the ride-sharing service raises awareness about the importance of a safe trip home