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The i.Con goes around the base of a condom to track the wearer's various statistics

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Pornhub launches new videos that correspond with a user's sex toy

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Lovely Bot was developed as a means to provide relationship tips and sex therapy for couples

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In the lead-up to our PSFK 2017 conference, we sat down with Dame Products Co-Founder and CEO Alexandra Fine, who'll be speaking at our PSFK 2017 conference,  discusses her mission to use product innovation to empower the sexual experiences of womankind

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The wearable device mimics a real human touch with a "gentle squeeze"

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Known for their innovative marketing campaigns over the past few years, Pornhub now wants to position itself as a sex ed teacher

Grindr Has Created Its Own Photo Book

The app partnered with photographer Matt Lambert to show affectionate moments with men and their partners in places they felt safe