Brand Activation & Immersion How Hedley & Bennett Went From Making Aprons For Chefs To Collaborating With Vans

Ellen Bennet's apron company started as a solution for professional chefs, but has grown into a lifestyle by embracing collaboration, building community and listening to its audience

Fashion & Apparel Suburban Shoe Retailer Offers Shoppers Installation Space And Exclusive Brand Collabs

Packer Shoes, in business since 1907, aims to sustain its long-running business by using its large retail space to its advantage, enabling immersive experiences and incorporating streetwear-inspired aesthetics to compete with e-tailers

Loyalty & Membership Membership Shoe Club Lets Women Digitally Consign And Buy Designer Shoes

The Luxury Shoe Club features three annual subscription options, and pays sellers up to half of each item's resale value right away, enabling convenient and efficient consignment in a booming market

Retail Shoe Rental Service To Let Customers Try A New Pair Out Before Buying

Designer Shoe Warehouse details plans for new services seeking to increase foot traffic in stores' physical locations

Design Shoe Boxes Are Redesigned For Environmental Sustainability

Viupax wastes significantly less cardboard and occupies a smaller volume than traditional shoe boxes

Advertising Japanese Brands Created Augmented Reality Sneakers

The shoes from Onitsuka Tiger pair with an app that makes the stripes on the footwear come to life

Design Modular Shoes Are Self-Assembled By The Wearer

Looking for a shoe, a slipper or a sandal? The KI ecobe might be the only pair of footwear you need

Fashion & Apparel This App Promises The Perfect Pair Of High Heels

After scanning your feet with an app, you can get a totally customized pair of heels delivered to your door

Consumer Goods Shoe Can Swap Heels For Any Occasion

Mime et Moi designed a shoe with different heels so wearers no longer need to carry around multiple pairs

Advertising Specialty Store Helps People Rejuvenate Old Sneakers To Their Former Glory

In the Philippines, The Lab is helping consumers restore their favorite footwear to almost new condition

Consumer Goods Nike Design Contest Attempts To Redesign Sneakers For People Of All Abilities

Nike held a competition for anyone to submit a concept of a shoe that allows anyone to put it on by themselves without any trouble

Design These Musical Shoes Turn Your Footsteps Into A Composition

The Orphe Piano app turns each step into part of a pice of music

Retail This Concept Lets You Design Your Own Biodegradable 3D Printed Sneakers

Shoetopia is a design project looking to become a reality, which would enable people to create their own unique pair of shoes through just their phone

Advertising Nike Creates Spoof Ads For Its Own Signature Shoe

The athletic brand has created a series of satirical advertisements in celebration of the anniversary of the Air Max 1