Beauty Multi-Label 'Phygital' Store Curates Personalized Experience For Shoppers

The Singapore space aims to combine the best elements of both in-store and online retail,  letting customers experience products IRL as well as enjoy gamified onboarding, cashless payment and personalized shopping recs

Food & Beverage Cashless Grocery Store Has Shoppers Purchase In-App To Pick Up In-Store

A Singapore concept store called The Habitat is staffed by humans and robots alike, combining the convenience of online ordering with in-store pickup in a multi-sensory, tech-enabled grocery and dining experience

Automotive Meet The "Netflix Of Transportation" That Lets Riders Pick From Multiple Travel Options

Whim is a new app that lets users pay one fee to have access to a number of different transportation options

Loyalty & Membership Singapore Mall Shoppers Receive Rewards For Using WeChat's Cashless Payment Service

One of China's leading mobile payment solutions is partnering with a Singapore mall to promote its cash-free payment feature, targeting younger traveling shoppers to whom the service is particularly appealing

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Video Content Gives Hotel Guests Access To In-Room Wellness

To help guests maintain wellness routines while traveling, Mandarin Oriental is delivering meditation and workout videos to rooms and suites across global locations

Work Singapore Hotel Is Open Just For Entrepreneurs

Tribe Theory calls itself a 'venture hotel' and is optimized for young people who work for themselves and spend time traveling

Advertising Singapore Store Only Sells Products Funded On Kickstarter

We The People retail stores provide consumers with an opportunity to purchase crowdfunded products in person

Retail McDonald's Singapore Introduces Phone Lockers

The company hopes to encourage patrons to set aside technology in favor of communication

Retail Singaporeans Can Now Get A Diploma In The Internet Of Things

Students now have the opportunity to attend a 300-hour course focused on getting them hands-on experience working with smart devices for any industry

Design The Joystick Of The VR World Is Self-Balancing

The Bottomless Joystick could be the future of controllers for virtual reality gaming

Automotive A Luxury Car 'Vending Machine' Has Opened in Singapore

The 15-story building houses up to 60 premium vehicles and resembles something straight out of Batman

Advertising The City Of Singapore Represented Through Pantone Cards

The project is an interesting take on how colors transmit a deeper meaning about a city's identity

Advertising Picking The Best Of This Year's April Fool's Ads

The highs and lows of this year's attempts at humor from brands

Design Living Tower In Singapore Covered With Over 20 Plant Species

WOHA architects created a green highrise in the central business district