Beauty Estée Lauder Funds Awards To Support Female Scientists

Two international awards from Estée Lauder and Nature magazine are now up for grabs to celebrate the work of women in STEM

Children Toy Teaches Toddlers Coding Without Screens

Another product in a rapidly growing arsenal, MangoBot teaches kids the principles of coding with blocks and a bot on wheels

Design 10 Inspiring Female Pioneers From PSFK's PurpleList

To celebrate International Women's Day 2018, we are highlighting some of the dynamic female pioneers PSFK has worked with over the years

Gaming & Play Kids Can Control Mattel's New Robotic Dinosaurs With Code

The toy company is releasing app-controlled Jurassic World dinosaur bots that help teach kids STEM

Children Sony's 300+ Piece Robot Kit Helps Kids Learn How To Code

KOOV, the first U.S. launch for Sony's Global Education Division, teaches kids to code with an educational play set

Retail Best Buy Is Creating New Teen Tech Centers Across The U.S.

The company has announced the expansion to help equip young people with technology skills

Technology How Dance Is Preparing Minority Students To Pursue STEM

A nonprofit organization is using dance to teach code and empower girls to pursue careers in STEM

Design A Dance Party Lamp Empowers Girls To Like Science and Mathematics

Through arts and crafts, Brainy Yak Labs hopes to get children engaged in STEM early

Retail How An Energy Storage Company Is Looking To Power The Future

Energy storage startup Stem is building out a battery network to store energy produced during the day, so people can power their homes at night

Entertainment Lego Life Is A Social Network That's Designed For Kids

The platform was made to enable children to freely express themselves while exchanging ideas in a friendly environment

Gaming & Play Children's Game Teaches Lessons About Entrepreneurship

Combining the realms of analog and digital gameplay, Pizza Co. imparts lessons about business, while still being fun to play

Technology Google's New Science Journal App Connects To The Kid In You

The app gives amateur scientists an outlet to observe and record the world around them

Design STEAM Kits Prepare Kids for Jobs that Don't Yet Exist

New littleBits kits explore creativity through electronic building blocks

Video Custom 3D Printed Bracelets Designed To Spark Girls’ Interest In Programming

The premiere project from Google's Made With Code initiative aims to inspire the next generation of women in tech.