street art

Advertising With Art On The Wall, Gucci Tries To Start A Riot

Gucci's large-scale, Instagrammable murals, which pay homage to the student protests of 1968, are an analog approach with digital payoff

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Airline Taps Street Artists To Lend 'Sick Art' To Motion Sickness Bags

Canadian airline FlyGTA brought art from three popular street painters to the most unglamorous of flight supplies

Retail Pay For Art Using Your Personal Data

Customers gave up personal data for art pieces to take home at this London based pop-up store

Design Russian Artists "Erase" A Car By Painting Photoshop Pattern Over It

For the STENOGRAFFIA street art festival, a group of artists made a car look like it was cut out of a picture

Design Artist Brings Ordinary Sidewalks To Life With Eclectic Imagery

Roadsworth is transforming otherwise average looking streets into marvelous murals

Design Glow-In-The-Dark Street Art Appears On The Roads Of Europe

Graphic arts design house Reskate Studios is lighting up cities with illuminated street art

Retail Artist Ventures Into VR To Celebrate M&M’s 75th Anniversary

Street artist KAWS showcased his first VR exhibition at New York Public Library in collaboration with Visionaire to mark M&M’s 75th anniversary

Brand Engagement At The Gates Of The World's Largest Open-Air Gallery

Tiger Beer and a neighborhood-minded nonprofit celebrate and promote New York's creative spirit by beautifying 100 security gates

Self-Appointed 'Artist-In-Residence' Installs A Swing On San Francisco Subway

The project is a playful attempt to bring more joy to BART commuters

Children Portuguese Senior Citizens Become Graffiti Masters

A workshop based in Lisbon is teaching the elderly how to create street art and letting them practice on buildings

Advertising Jaguar Land Rover Transforms Brazilian Children's Center Into Street Art

Local Jaguar Land Rover workers celebrate the opening of a new manufacturing plant in Brazil with bold artistic expression

Artist Makes The Louvre Pyramid Disappear

An artist created an optical illusion that seemingly erased this famous pyramid

Advertising Art Takes Over Ads In Philadelphia

Subversive art placement revolts against corporate control of public spaces

Technology Become a Graffiti Drone Artist Without Touching a Can of Paint

This drone translates your doodles into street-art scribbles in real time