Advertising These Interactive Stories Help Relieve Travelers' Anxieties

Landing Pages will be the first in a series of art installations at LaGuardia's Marine Terminal, aimed at not only entertaining but also helping to refocus travelers in the hopes of easing their nerves

Design This Stress Reduction Pod Could Be Your Next Workplace Staple

The Kokon’s stress reduction pod uses findings from neuroscience to help you relax and reenergize for happier work

Automotive MINI Living Urban Cabin In Brooklyn Explores Relocation Stress

Contrasting shapes and materials communicate places to seek comfort and improve personal well-being

Health These Glass 'Chillout Cabins' Help Stressed Out People Get Closer To Nature

Visit Sweden will conduct a case-study where they will attempt to find out if staying closer to nature reduce a person's stress levels

Retail Stress-Relieving Wristbands Help Users Approach Challenges With A Clear Mind

TouchPoints helps wearers alter their responses to stress and anxiety through gentle vibrations

Fashion & Apparel Vibrating Smart Bra Helps Wearers Find Their Zen

Apart from providing physical support, Vitali improves posture and helps train people to deepen their breath

Consumer Goods Therapeutic Subscription Boxes Promote Calm Living

Calmbox is the latest innovative wellness technique providing self-care tools through a subscription-based service

Work Slack Plugin Reveals If Coworkers Are Feeling Stressed

Vibe is a new Slack plugin that can measure happiness, disappointment, and irritation based on team communications

Technology Headband Helps You Achieve Better Focus And Sleep

The device uses extra-low frequency electromagnetic pulses to induce relaxation and a state of meditation

Technology Bio-Tracker For Women Can Predict Your Stress Levels

The LeafUrban is touted as the first wearable to actively predict and help manage anxiety

Technology Headset Trains Your Mind How To Better Deal With Stress

Melomind was designed to guide users on how to relax during their day-to-day activities

Advertising Positivity Packs Help Relieve Office Stress

Startup specializes in preparing care packages for anxious office workers

Automotive Audi Delves Into Assistive Wearables With Stress-Reducing Gloves

Safety specialists, employee feedback help this car manufacturer's ergonomic workplace

Home Driver Wellness, Gesture-Controlled Parking and Other Automotive Technology Highlights [CES 2016]

#CES2016 was the year of the car, and its increasing evolution toward a digital product