Brand Activation & Immersion Tokyo Restaurant 3D Prints Sushi Personalized To Guests' Nutritional Needs

A restaurant called Sushi Singularity is slated to open in Japan's capital city in 2020, using analysis of customers' saliva and more to 3D print sushi personalized to their body's needs

Delivery & Logistics A Sushi Delivering Robot May Soon Be Roaming The Streets Of Japan

ZMP designed a robot to delivery sushi to the residents of Japan and it bring it straight to their door

Design Pop Culture Sushi Masterpieces Inspired By Streetwear

Sushi chef Yujia Hu creates figures and footwear made of traditional sushi ingredients for his Instagram

Advertising 'Press For Champagne' Buttons Give London Office Workers A Chance To Relax

Enstar Capital's new building in SoHo will offer champagne service at the push of a button

Consumer Goods Whole Foods "Produce Butchers" Will Cut Customers Vegetables

The Bryant Park Whole Foods in New York City has created a position specifically to cut produce in various ways

Food & Beverage Kit Kat Sushi Will Debut In Tokyo

The wafer candy brand is rolling out a set of three sushi-inspired Kit Kat treats to celebrate the opening of their new store

Food & Beverage Chef Turns Invasive Species Into Delicious Sushi

Creator Bun Lai is adapting strange new ingredients for his menu, which responds to the ecological impact of overabundant creatures in the local environment

Design Optical Illusion Dishes Make Sushi Dinners A Feast For Your Eyes

A designer is kickstarting a series of impossible soy sauce vessels to make eating an Escher-esque delight

Work No Frills Sushi Bar Puts the Chef’s Counter in the Spotlight

Tokyo's Yoshii goes back to the core of sushi dining by putting the focus on the chopping block

Design Wooden Blocks Teach Children The Art Of Sushi [Pics]

Beautifully crafted toys encourage kids to learn about Japanese cooking.

Technology Tablet-Run Restaurant Shoots Diner Requests Down Conveyor Belts [Video]

This Tokyo sushi restaurant is completely automated, with a touchscreen for ordering and a slot for empty dishes.

Retail PSFK'S Top Five Stories Of The Week

Photo editing before photoshop and a beer cozy that blocks cell signals. We review the best in design, culture, art, fashion.

Work Sushi Art Creates Detailed Images Inside Each Roll [Pics]

Japanese culinary artist can never be sure how each of her pieces will turn out.