Design This Mirrored Tableware Could Trick Your Brain Into Changing Your Eating Habits

The reflective eating utensils from Studio Playfool make eaters believe they are consuming twice as much food as they actually are

Food & Beverage Could This Redesigned Soy Sauce Container Take Over Kikkoman’s Iconic Bottle?

Japanese design agency Nendo has created a soy sauce container that might just be the symbol of powdered condiments in the future

Advertising Plastic Waste From The Ocean Transformed Into Tableware

The Marine Debris Bakelite Project has developed a new material made from 100% recycled plastic

Design Unique Tableware Is Marked With The Fingerprints Of Its Makers

A porcelain stained art piece called The Human Trace reminds the public of the work factory workers do in the industrial industry.

Home All-In-One Tableware Set Takes Design Cues From Nesting Dolls

Korean design company Vacimi has created a tableware line that easily stores to save space

Home Mind Your Health, Weight Loss with Portion Control Plate

Tableware designed to match meals to nutrition and portion recommendations helps thoughtful eating require less thought and more enjoyment

Design $50 for a Coffee Set and Miniature Koi Pond

Thermosensitive coasters reveal fish silhouettes

Design Diesel Living Tableware Takes Shape of Hardware, Tools and Machinery

Industrial design-inspired home accessories line debuts at Paris exhibition

Innovation Redesigned Flatware Makes It Easier For Patients With Nerve Disorders To Eat

An award-winning design by I-Ting Chan and Ting-Yin Yeh is elegant yet highly functional.

Design Playful Plates Create The Illusion Of Larger Snacks [Pics]

The Plate-Plate collection by Duncan Shotton features tableware printed with outlines of a plate, knife and fork on its surface.

Design Unbalanced Tableware Tilts Back And Forth To Encourage Sharing [Pics]

Share.Food is a collection of plates, bowls and cups with angled bottoms.

Design Biodegradable Utensils Look And Feel Like Fruits And Vegetables [Pics]

Product designer Qiyun Deng’s disposable tableware series is made of bioplastic PLA.

Design PSFK Gift Of The Day: Tableware Made Of Recycled Coca-Cola Bottles

Tokyo-based studio nendo worked with the drinks brand to create 'Bottleware', a selection of dishes and bowls made from the greenish-blue glass.

Design Sense-Stimulating Cutlery

Designer Jinhyun Jeon has created flatware with different colors, volumes, temperatures, and textures, to enrich the dining experience.