Health AI-Powered Chatbot Helps Planned Parenthood Educate Teens

Planned Parenthood's Roo assistant is designed to enhance its support for digital-first teens, increasing their access to sex-ed resources

Syndicated Teens Are Trading In Facebook For Platforms Like Snapchat And Instagram

The exodus began in 2015, aligned with the rise of YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat

Advertising Shazam's Cyberbullying Campaign Gives Victims A Voice

The song-identifying app detects an inaudible sound, then encourages teens to speak up about being bullied online

Advertising These Protest Posters Were Delivered As An Instagram Coloring Book

BBH Los Angeles made a series of posters in honor of the March for Our Lives that Instagram users could remix and repost to support the cause

Design Art Installation Turns Selfies Into Piles Of Gravel

The installation, created by Pangenerator in Warsaw, examines selfie culture and its repercussions on teenage life

Retail Best Buy Is Creating New Teen Tech Centers Across The U.S.

The company has announced the expansion to help equip young people with technology skills

Advertising Facebook Is Trying To Expand Into A Purveyor Of Positivity

Its recent acquisition of the app TBH shows how the social network is planning to appeal to a new generation of users

Technology Google And Snapchat Made A Teen Coding Contest To Find The Next Official Snap Lens

Google and Snapchat are holding a coding contest for teens interested in making their own Snap lens

Design Teen Focus Groups Helped Design These Hilariously-Named Condoms

In order to lower rates of STIs and teen pregnancies, nonprofit Diverse & Resilient used focus groups to grab young people's attention with condom wrappers

Automotive Toyota's App Punishes Teens For Reckless Driving By Playing Their Parents' Bad Music

The app plays a Spotify playlist chosen by parents to embarrass young drivers when they speed or text

Gen Z How Did Colonel Sanders End Up In This Public High School Yearbook?

California's Bear Creek High School added a little star power to the 2017 yearbook

Advertising Teaching Teens How To Drive Using VR

Aceable is developing a safe, immersive way for young students to learn driving skills before hitting the actual road

Summer Camps For YouTube Stars Are Going Global

2bcamp in Madrid is a two-week experience that teaches 11-18-year-olds how to create quality content and build an audience

Millennials This Summer Camp Teaches Teens To Become YouTube Stars

There are now chances for young creatives to mingle with YouTube greats