Design Raspberry Pi Store Lets Shoppers Demo Its Latest Tech

Calling the space an "experimental store," the brand behind the pocket-sized computer is opening a hands-on physical location in its U.K. city of origin

Fashion & Apparel Clarks Will Teach Kids Language And Literacy While Fitting Their Shoes

Helping drive foot traffic while promoting children's education, Clarks is the first retailer to implement a U.K. government initiative that helps kids learn language and social skills through interacting with trained store associates

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Digital Bank Partners With Fintech Startup To Eliminate Paper Receipts

A U.K. bank is helping customers better organize their transaction records while reducing environmental waste and toxins with digital loyalty cards instead of paper receipts

Brand Activation & Immersion U.K. Supermarket Customers Can Skate And Shop At In-Store Ice Rink

Iceland's London location has been covered in synthetic ice, letting customers can trade in their shoes for skates while grocery shopping in a holiday activation

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Mulberry Traveling Lights Activation Rewards Customers' Social Shares With Prizes

The British brand's holiday art display and vending machine will travel to its various stores this holiday season, prompting customers to share and hashtag their photos of the experience to unlock merchandise

Automotive Robot Delivery Service Drives Packages To Customers' Current Location

The service aims to make package delivery more convenient by holding customers' items and employing self-driving robots to deliver when they're ready, wherever they are

Post Purchase Service & Support U.K. Hospitality Group Brings Its Higher-End Hostels Stateside

The brand's recently opened Miami space provides both shared and private rooms, with updated food and bar amenities that cater to the trend surrounding upgraded hostel accommodations

Food & Beverage Tesco Uses Data From Customer Loyalty Cards To Curate Healthy Options

The U.K. supermarket chain will use consumer data to better understand what healthy options are in demand, and accordingly curate recipes and promotions for shoppers

Home IKEA 'Planning Studio' Provides Shoppers With Expert Advice And Consultations

The retailer created the Planning Studio to assist and advise online shoppers before making their final purchase, offering a personalized and more informative alternative to IKEA warehouse browsing for bedroom and kitchen items

Delivery & Logistics Waitrose Wants To Deliver Groceries Straight To Customers' Refrigerators

The U.K. grocery chain is working to enable a safe and convenient in-home delivery service that would allow employees to stock customers' fridges while they're out

Beauty Sainsbury's Store Revamp Offers Shoppers Beauty And Fragrance Departments

In an effort to make one-stop shopping possible, the grocer is expanding its store inventory to include dedicated beauty and skincare spaces, even providing customers with in-house beauty advisors and vegan products

Consumer Goods Plant-Based Food Brand Caters To Millennial Consumers With Redesign

Cauldron is aiming to tap the captive millennial demographic with a fresh look, interactive brand campaign and updated products that reflect younger consumers' tastes

Merchandising & Curation Debenhams 'Beauty Hall' Offers Shoppers Digitally-Enhanced Product Discovery

The U.K.-based retailer is developing its digital-first strategy by designing a beauty shopping experience that is interactive, sociable and educative

Retail Ford Extends Digital Store With Online Sales Service

The automaker is taking the once offline-only experience to the virtual realm, expanding its omnichannel model by letting consumers select, exchange and arrange delivery of their new vehicle