Advertising French Football Club Reveals New Soccer Jersey In Google Street View

The first time a brand has used Google Street view to launch merch, Red Star F.C. encouraged fans to fans virtually venture out into the streets of Saint Ouen surrounding Bauer Stadium, where they could spot locals wearing the new shirts

Brand Activation & Immersion Media Company's Food Website To Launch Mall Food Court

Munchies, media company Vice's dedicated foodie site, is launching an 18-vendor food court in an upcoming New Jersey mega-mall

Health Health Insurance Company Advises Millennials Through Online Game Show

Health insurance company ahm collaborated with Vice on a show that engages its players and audience on a complicated subject using a mix of comedy and education

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Vice And Airbnb Are Teaming Up To Offer Themed Travel Packages

Vice and Airbnb have formed a partnership to offer travelers special trips designed by the media company

Entertainment Microsoft Ventures Into The Business Of Legalized Marijuana

The tech giant, in association with KIND Financial, looks to track weed data for the benefit of states and growers

Work A Build-It-Yourself Mini Barrel for DIY Aging Spirits

Keep your holiday cheer in good spirit; get into DIY aging of wine or cocktails

Design The Origin of a High Tech Vaporizer Comes Deeply Rooted in Robotics

PSFK interviews Vapium co-founder Michael Trzecieski on building solar-powered vapes for an off-the-grid bake

Innovation Three Lessons News Sites Should Learn from Snapchat Discover

Connection app's newest update is a step in the right direction for shareable news everywhere

Design 8 Stories You Need To Know Today

A $20 smartphone is coming this year, Google Glass on sale for all Americans and Twitter teaches computer skills.

Gaming & Play Call Of Duty Trailer Blurs The Line Between Journalism & Advertising

Can something be called an ad if it doesn't tell you anything about the product it's pushing?

Innovation 9 Stories You Need To Know Today

Yahoo to offer original programming, NASA puts software code out for the for public and retailers may be liable for data breach damages.

Advertising 8 Stories You Need To Know Today

Facebook buys WhatsApp, Google publishes Glass etiquette, and more.

Technology i-D Magazine Unveils New Internet Identity

The magazine's new branding brings online aesthetics offline.

Luxury 11 Stories You Need To Know Today

Snapchat rejects $3 billion offer from Facebook, Dropbox redesigns and Tesla working on a pickup.