Brand Activation & Immersion Marriott Guests Can Customize Virtual Room Decor By Scanning A Pepsi Water Bottle

Marriott Hotels is collaborating with PepsiCo Lifewtr AR-enabled bottles for a virtual art activation that allows guests to customize a digital hotel room, choosing from a mobile gallery or even creating their own art

Food & Beverage Beverage Brand Offers Consumers Herbal Water As Healthy Alcohol Alternative

No1 Botanicals is releasing nine new flavors in an expansion of its healthy, organic drink line, catering to consumer trends around wellness-promoting beverages and decreasing interest in alcohol

Delivery & Logistics Flavored Seltzer Subscription Service Ensures Customers Never Run Out

The U.K.'s Ugly Drinks is offering an alternative to sugary drinks and mineral water with its monthly home delivery, capitalizing on consumer demands for seltzer water and convenience

Retail Subscription Service Wants New Yorkers To Ditch Plastic Bottles

Reefill lets residents subscribe to Bluetooth-enabled fountains around the city, but some New Yorkers wonder whether tap water really needs a tech upgrade

Advertising Nissan's Concept Car Tells Drivers If They Need To Drink Water

The auto brand partnered with Paulien Routs and Droog Design to use their color-changing material in a Nissan Juke to promote keeping drivers hydrated

Design Air Conditioning Unit Works Without Electricity, Only Air And Water

Ant Studio created a unique air conditioner that uses evaporation cooling

Advertising Polluted Water Popsicles Raise Awareness Of Polluted Air And Water

The project is designed to highlight the extremely polluted state of Taiwan's natural resources

Fashion & Apparel This Color-Changing Shirt Reveals The Effects Of Climate Change

The Cabbage Project shirt uses red cabbage juice to indicate changes in the pH levels of water

Technology This Robot Fish Could Make Fish Farms More Productive

A robot fish that moves like a real one helps detect changes in aquatic environments without disrupting the ecosystem

Health Crowd Investment Platform Uses Small Acts To Solve Big World Problems

Swell is built on the belief that a collective, efficient use of finances can make the world a better place

Design Jelly-Like Water Bottle Orbs Are One Step Closer To Hitting Store Shelves

This gelatinous water bottle Ooho! ups the ante by reducing plastic waste through edible and flavorful water packaging

Food & Beverage Low-Cost Greenhouse Designed To Assist Poor Farmers

Farmers in India may find some relief from climate change in the form of an economical structure from Kheyti

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Buy A Carry-On Bag And Give Someone Access To Clean Water

Away luggage and charity: water are collaborating to provide clean drinking water to those in need

Home Self-Watering Flowerpot Keeps Plants Hydrated For 28 Days

The Natural Balance ceramic pot makes it easy for busy workers or frequent travelers to keep their plants healthy