Fashion & Apparel Fitbit Partners With Adidas And Blue Apron To Reward Premium Customers

The fitness tracker brand is diversifying its partnerships to enhance how it rewards consumer activity, slated to launch a premium paid program later this year

Merchandising & Curation L’Oréal's UV-Sensing Wearable Fits On A Fingernail And Tracks Users' Sun Exposure

The mini sensor that could pass as nail art connects to a mobile app that provides extensive sun exposure details, helping users optimize their skin health

Food & Beverage This Gold Sticker On Your Tooth Tracks How Much You Eat

Engineers at Tufts University hope that this sensor will help scientists better understand the link between diet and health

Design Wearable Tracks What You Are Eating Based On Arm Movements

The device from Nippon Telegraph estimates the amount of calories eaten by studying how the wearer moves their arms when eating different foods

Advertising Hip-Hop Album Comes With A Wearable Pack To Feel The Music

Raekwon partnered up with Subpac on his new album so listeners can let the beat pulse through their body

Technology Wearable Vibrates To Fix Slouching Postures

UPRIGHT GO is made to improve people's spinal alignment with a custom training plan

Home Adjust Your Home Around Optimizing Sleep

The Sleepwise device tracks sleeping patterns and and automatically adjusts other IoT devices in the home to create optimal conditions for a restful night

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Wearable Instantly Translates Speech For Travelers

The wearable from a company called Logbar is able to translate up to 50,000 words and phrases without WiFi or mobile data

Design Have Neuro-Centric Wearables Made Us Better Humans?

PSFK looks at how wearables focused on modifying behavior have impacted daily life and what progress has been made

Consumer Goods Modern Mood Ring Tracks Your Feeling Through Biometrics

Moodmetric will change color based on the signals given off by the wearers body

Entertainment Your Favorite Tweets Are Now Wearable

This temporary tattoo allows fans to wear their most favorite moments from the social platform

Fitness & Sport Wearable Designed To Put An End To Snoring

The Anti-Snore Wearable is a device that nudges you in your sleep to promote deeper and quieter rest

Health Tiny Wearables Are Now Able Track Your Pet's Health

Proof is a startup developing tech for animals that can measure activity, rest, food intake and more

Fitness & Sport Performance-Tracking Helmet Can Detect Accidents And Send For Help

PhiPal is transforming the piece of safety equipment so that it can help to save lives, automatically