Brand Activation & Immersion Samsung Targets Major U.S. Cities With Experiential Store Openings

In the hopes of reviving its brand, Samsung is offering customers in L.A., NYC and Houston its own first-ever physical space to test out products, address repairs and receive one-on-one assistance IRL

Packaging & Product Engagement Sirin Labs Debuts First Retail Store Showcasing Blockchain Smartphone

The Sirin Labs store is designed to widen its market reach by selling the $999 Finney Smartphone in a physical London outpost, simultaneously serving as a hub for the city's crypto community

Automotive Mobility Platform Makes Ride-Sharing Social With Group And Events Management

The multi-service rideshare app is poised to disrupt the transportation industry with group planning, prioritizing riders' occasions by letting them create one-time or recurring events, invite guests and finding them the optimal route

Consumer Goods Department Store Uses RFID Tech To Better Track Inventory

Myer is using RFID to enhance its inventory transparency and accuracy as online sales continue to soar and consistency with in-store stock becomes imperative

Entertainment Carnival Cruise Updates Liners To Include Interactive Tech

Carnival's Caribbean Princess and Regal Princess ships will feature a slew of new technology rolling out across the next year.

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Apple Wallet Lets Students Synch Their College ID Functions To Their Phones

Apple expands its ecosystem for some consumers by integrating  student ID cards from select colleges into its wallet feature

Loyalty & Membership Real-Time Maintenance Solution Proactively Alerts Drivers To Vehicle Problems

Bridgestone's platform sends messages regarding maintenance issues directly to drivers' mobile devices, letting them quickly address repair needs and even book appointments

Shopper Marketing & Promotion Verizon Customers Can Embark On An AR Scavenger Hunt To Win An iPhone XS

Using Snapchat as its platform, Verizon is giving away the latest iPhone to customers who enter an augmented reality scavenger hunt, searching for hidden music loops and remixing them to create a winning track

Health No Wi-Fi Luxury Rail Line Encourages Its Passengers To Disconnect

Rovos Rail, with lines running all across Africa, aims to distinguish itself by fulfilling the consumer desire for a digital detox, encouraging its travelers to check out the sights and connect with their fellow riders

Food & Beverage Supermarket Chain Implements Real-Time Audio Guide To Support Visually Impaired Shoppers

Joining the wave of grocers making their store experience more inclusive, an Israeli supermarket is utilizing a location-based app to provide low-vision or blind customers with a shopping guide

Luxury Luxury Skincare Brand Lets Mobile Customers Browse Products Offline

Temple Spa is revamping its e-commerce strategy to better cater to consumers' evolving digital shopping habits, beginning with its website

Brand Activation & Immersion Huawei Activation Invites Users To Trade In Their Old Model By Smashing It

Appealing to those ready to part ways with their current phones, the London pop-up booth was designed to introduce the new Huawei P20 Pro, exposing visitors to the new phone at an opportune moment

Post Purchase Service & Support Samsung's Customer Service Zone Promises To Fix Smartphones In Just One Hour

The company's recently-opened Champs-Elysées shop is outfitted with plenty of ways to keep customers entertained while they wait, turning a previously tedious task into an entertaining experience while also giving people more reason to shop IRL

Shopper Education & Assistance BBC Sounds Designs Unique Listening Experiences For Every User

In order to stay relevant amongst the likes of YouTube and Spotify, BBC launched an app that brings together its radio content, music and podcasts all in once place, tailored to individual users' listening habits