Design Sleek Wooden Table Doubles As A Set Of Wireless Speakers

The Sound Table is made to be comforting, relaxing, and of course, play some tunes

Home IKEA Is Launching Their Own Line Of IoT Home Lighting

The home design brand has taken their first step into a larger world of connected home appliances with Trådfri

Health Wireless Breast Pump Allows Women To Pump On The Go

Willow is a sleek device claiming to be the world's first 'truly mobile' way for women to produce and store milk while working

Children Sony Wants To Add Digital Features To Card Games

Project Field bridges the physical and digital worlds using a special pad that connects to smartphones and tablets

Entertainment These Connected Earbuds Will Soon Be At Events And Concerts

Doppler Labs has partnered with cultural institutes and teams like the New York Philharmonic and Cleveland Cavaliers

Consumer Goods Wireless Earbuds Respond To Touch Commands

Bragi's The Dash earphones have a new innovative feature that allows users to control the device by tapping their face

Retail Startup Promises Wireless Internet For Everyone

Starry Internet, which announced its service in early 2016, aims to take on industry giants with promises of efficient set up and faster connectivity

Fitness & Sport Pedestrian Footsteps Power City Street Lights

EnGoPlanet is an off-the-grid lighting solution being installed in Las Vegas

Technology Wireless Earphones Transform Their Sound To Match Your Environment

The adaptive earpieces are designed for music lovers with an active lifestyle

Design Tiny Wireless Printer Will Turn Your iPhone Photos Into Polaroids

Fuji's new device will let you create prints of photos from your phone

Technology Augmented Reality Earbuds Let You Shape The Sounds Around You

Enjoy all the features of Bluetooth headphones while adjusting the sound quality of the environment to your liking

Design Charge All Your Devices Atop This Sleek, Slim Pad

Wireless charger will let you charge multiple devices just by placing them on this surface

Design Magically Manipulate Visuals With This Portable Projector

Mobile HD video projection system lets users control moving images through hand gestures

Work E-Ink Keyboard Talks Like Siri & Personalizes Your Buttons

Jaasta's makers hope that reactive buttons & smart assistance will offer human-tech partnership