Health Google Fit Adds Incentive To Exercisers' Workouts With Points Accumulation

The health platform is debuting two new features designed to motivate users into taking small steps to be more active, providing them with support during their activity

Brand Activation & Immersion ClassPass Members Can Book Day-Long Wellness Getaways

The fitness company is teaming up with gyms and spas to extend its offerings from gym classes and massages into longer wellness-focused trips and experiences

Fitness & Sport How Fitness Is Going Digital With Mixed-Reality Workouts

From connected running shoes to virtual classes accessible from the privacy of one's home, the fitness industry is using the latest innovative technologies to enhance people's fitness routines

Advertising Gym For Nerds Incorporates Beloved Franchises Into Everyday Workouts

Nerdstrong Gym is an LA-based workout facility designed specifically for people who enjoy videogames, comics, and films

Technology IPad-Equipped Fitness Wall Monitors Strength Training

The new type of fitness club features seven-foot walls designed for squats, calf raises and pull-ups.

Design Nike Debuts Their Take On The Ballet Shoe

The Nike Studio Wrap Pack is a three-part footwear system designed for barefoot workouts that consists of a wrap, a ribbon, and a flexible flat slipper.

Work Work Out On The Floor Of The Nightclub With An Instructor

There is a growing trend in "party workouts": group events in nightclubs for exercising and meeting people.

Innovation Smart Shirt Monitors Workouts And Tracks Your Progress

Squid is a sensor-equipped shirt that captures electrical signals created by muscle movement.

Gaming & Play GPS Powered Fitness Games Use Social Motivation As Impetus [Future Of Gaming]

Pulswatch has created a GPS powered wearable smart sensor that allows users to set fitness goals, track their workouts and challenge one another to one of four interactive running games which spur continued exercise.

Design Nike +1 Concept Helps You Find A Running Partner [Video]

Kunal Kshirsagar offers an interesting concept idea for a Nike app that gets you motivated and finds you a running partner.

Technology A Visual, Physical Representation Of Your Body's Data Using Nike+ [Video]

This piece of tech offers a simulation of its user's cardiovascular function during exercise.

Retail Swimsense: A Performance Monitoring Device For Swimmers

A wearable 'pedometer' will track personal metrics when swimming laps.