Beauty Op-Ed: PSFK Visits The Retail Development At New York’s Hudson Yards

New York's newest luxury lifestyle development succeeds as a mall, but is that enough for it to be successful?

Delivery & Logistics Op-Ed: The “Ins-and-Outs” Of The 5G Automated Experience

In an op-ed for PSFK, author Christopher Nurko explores the emerging drivers of value in retail, outlining how 5G technology can help retailers deliver excellent experiences at all stages along the path to purchase

Analysis How Brands Like Merck Use Data To Enable More Efficient Delivery

As detailed in PSFK's Last-Mile Delivery Debrief, top brands are improving their delivery process by streamlining consumer and inventory data collection and analysis

Fashion & Apparel How Brands Like Walmart And Zara Enable Streamlined Fulfillment And Pickup Services

Optimizing their omnichannel distribution strategies, retailers are developing services like curbside pickup in under 30 minutes, shipping online orders straight from the store, automated in-store retrieval kiosks and more

Features How Retailers Are Integrating Augmented Store Displays

In-store augmented reality features animate products on virtual models and point shoppers to compatible items, bringing the most useful elements of online browsing to physical retail

Retail Zara Looks To Offer Seamless Shopping With New London Store

The unprecedented move lets shoppers pick up their web purchases in-store the same day, and strives to transform the consumer shopping experience by offering the best of in-person and digital purchasing

Transactions & Payments Zara Shoppers Can Now Buy Through An AR App

Customers can point their phones at designated spots in-store and online to activate augmented reality views of models sporting Zara products, and click through to buy

Fashion & Apparel Zara Will Link Its Store Windows With Augmented Reality

The retailer will install sensors in its windows that connect shoppers to mobile content prompting them to browse and buy

Loyalty & Membership How Retailers Are Making It Easy For Customers To Click And Collect

Major retailers have begun using brick-and-mortar footprints as e-commerce fulfillment centers to offer another convenient option for shoppers

Technology Zara Is Upgrading Its Stores To Include Robots And Online Order Pick-Up

The move serves to further integrate physical and online retail while it widens the gap between traditional and fast fashion

Retail Zara Retail Concept Brings E-Commerce Features Into The Store

Customers at the London pop-up can try on clothes to be shipped home and get product recommendations from interactive mirrors

Shopper Education & Assistance Zara Is Introducing Self-Service Kiosks For Picking Up Online Orders

Zara tests out a new kiosk designed to hold packages for customers who make online orders

Retail Zara's Fall Collection Is Sustainable From Stitches To Shipping

The fashion brand is making strides to keep its clothing line ethical including use of material, labor and energy

Design 10 Stories You Need To Know Today

Seattle shooting hero's honeymoon paid by Internet strangers, first Vine sent from space and Cannes has more women judges.