Dr. Whippy Serves More Ice Cream to Sad Customers

Dr. Whippy Serves More Ice Cream to Sad Customers
Nicko Margolies

At the ARS Electronica festival in Linz, British artist, Demitrios Kargotis, unveiled Dr. Whippy, an ice cream machine that serves customers based on their stress levels.  The unique machine that has traveled across events for two years, measures how unhappy the user is based on voice stress analysis and then serves up a dollop or heap of ice cream based on its diagnosis.

The machine asks several questions and after assessing the patient, immediately prescribes its dose for effective results.  The project was funded in part by the Royal College of Art and will hopefully continue to circulate as crowds gather whenever it stops, spreading icy good cheer.  Therapies currently come in two flavors, triple chocolate with meringue cream and raspberry ripple with vanilla.

[via InventorSpot]