Laundromat Looks Just Like A Nightclub

Laundromat Looks Just Like A Nightclub

A stylish take on a typically forgettable service experience.

Dave Pinter, PSFK

Ranking somewhere between a trip to the DMV and the Post Office, there’s no glamor to be found at a typical laundromat. Splash, a new eco-friendly laundromat near the Pla├ža University in Catalunya, Spain aims to change those perceptions and attract the nearby college students. It starts with a sleek interior designed by Frederic Perers.



Stainless steel, the same material that clads the washers and dryers, covers the walls above the machines creating a seamless look. Orange light-boxes are installed on opposite walls and reflect on the metal surface producing a punch of color that surrounds the space.



A generous folding surface and waiting bench are integrated into a wall keeping the interior floor clutter free and easy to clean.


The washing and drying machines are state-of-the-art in terms of energy efficiency and water use. Splash also sells biodegradable detergent and softener brands.


Photos: Pau Faus

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