Samsung Ad Challenges Passersby To A Staring Contest [Video]

To promote the new S4, the mobile company gave a free phone to those who could maintain eye contact for 60 minutes.

To promote the new Galaxy S4 with its cool ‘smart pause’ technology, Samsung challenged commuters to a ‘stare down’ with the new mobile phone.

The ‘smart pause’ feature in the new S4 phone uses eye-tracking technology to track when someone looks at the screen and when he or she looks away. For the challenge, participants were invited to stare at the phone for as long as they could. Looking away meant the game ended. Those who could maintain eye contact for 60 minutes won a free Galaxy S4.

All-Eyes-on-the-S4 All-Eyes-on-the-S4-4

Of course, Samsung didn’t make it easy for the challengers. There were several distractions such as a biker crashing into a stall, a musician playing around the participant, not to mention the crowd gathered behind the challenger.


The campaign had its first ‘stare down’ at the Zurich Main Station.

Watch the video clip about the campaign below.

All Eyes on the S4