English Alphabet Written Entirely On Butterfly Wings

Naturalist and photographer Kjell Sandved found patterns resembling letters on the wings of moths and other insects.

Naturalist and photographer Kjell Sandved spent decades traveling the world and photographing countless species of butterflies and moths. While looking at the images up close, he found an alphabet in the patterns on their delicate wings:

One day many years ago, as I was looking through a microscope at a tropical moth, to my surprise I noticed a tiny, perfect letter F hidden on the wing. I was astounded and wondered if I could find other letters. Perhaps I could even find the entire alphabet in the wings of butterflies and moths! I decided that I was going to be the first to try.

Butterfly Wings Give Rise To A Natural Alphabet

Sandved compiled a collection of pictures and the resulting Butterfly Alphabet features all twenty six letters and single digit numbers, naturally occurring on the insects’ wings.

As well as a book with close-up photographs of the patterns, Sandved has been offering customers the chance to buy a poster of the alphabet and custom prints of words spelled out in the letters.

Butterfly Wings Give Rise To A Natural Alphabet

Butterfly Alphabet

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Images: Butterfly Alphabet