Eyewear Collection Offers A Fashionable Rival To Google Glass [Video]

Eyewear Collection Offers A Fashionable Rival To Google Glass [Video]

Icis provides tech lovers could soon have a more stylish way to express themselves.

Ross Brooks

Google Glass might be the pinnacle of tech in the eyes of many, but it’s safe to say it’s lacking in the fashion department. We saw one attempt to redesign the eyewear last year, but now there is an alternative that provides a completely different experience called Icis. Not only does it claim to be more fashionable, but it also boasts of a more user-friendly interface.

Unlike Google Glass, which requires exaggerated eye movements, LaForge Optical, the company who is developing the glasses, has made it so that information is displayed around the edges of the lenses. In addition to that, they’ve done away with the light that lets you know when you’re being filmed. Corey Mack, CEO and Founder, said that apart from the light being “overkill,” there is also the fact that “people would think that they would be getting scanned.”

The company recently launched an Indiegogo campaign to try and raise money for the project. If everything goes according to plan, they hope to offer fashion-conscious tech enthusiasts a way to express themselves with two different lines of the glasses.


Source: CNET