Gastronomists Cook Two Steaks Using Molten Lava and Lightning


This innovative interpretation of barbeque gives an adventurous look into contemporary food design

Charlie Stephens
  • 31 july 2014

A seasoned grill master can work wonders by barbequing up a nice 10 oz rib-eye on a charcoal grill. The meat acquires a nice smokey flavor and gets those beloved crispy sear marks. The process is standard, and if cooked with care, the steak turns out tender and juicy. This sounds delicious, but gastronomists at Bompas & Parr have set out to add some ingenuity into the age-old process of barbeque.

Sam Bompas and Harry Parr have made a name for themselves with their previous creations, such as their glow in the dark ice cream and chocolate climbing wall. In their newest project, “Cooking With Lava”, the pair roasts two steaks and corn on the cob over a flowing river of molten lava.

To conduct the experiment, the culinary experimentalists sought out earth sciences professor James Karson and art professor Robert Wysocki from Syracuse University, who are leaders of the school’s Lava Project, which uses an industrial bronze furnace to create artificial volcanoes and molten sculptures.

The team used the furnace, placing two rib-eyes and corn on the cob on a traditional grill top, which rested on top of the protruding lava tunnel. The 2,100 ºF liquid cooked the meal in seconds.The steaks were surely roasted. As for the quality of taste- we can’t be so sure.

Back in June, the team also served up freshly electrocuted steak. The meat was placed between a transformer and struck with a 50,000 ºF bold of lightning. Within microseconds the morsel was seared and ready to eat- although according to the experimenters it did have a metallic taste. Sam Bompass comments on his inspiration and thoughts on the project:

The recipe came to me in a dream. Perhaps in the future lightning will find its way into every imaginable culinary situation.

These innovative methods of cooking re-frame what it means to prepare a meal. It’s doubtful that cooking with lightning will go mainstream, but if perfected, it’s not unlikely that you may see such extreme culinary performances manifesting in exotic dining experiences in a city near you.

The projects are largely fun and games, but they are also evidence that there surely exists alternative ways of cooking that can enhance or streamline food production in the future.

Bompass & Parr // Cooking With Lava // Lava Project

[h/t] Design Boom





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